NCP MLA’s son beats up waiter for wearing Hindu’s symbilic saffron clothes

1509 Om flagNCP men, who have antipathy towards saffron colour, should now be ready to vacate seats in saffron Maharashtra !


Pune : NCP MLA, Vallabh Benake’s son Amol beat up a waiter in one hotel only because he was wearing saffron clothes. The incident occurred in ‘Maharashtra Uphargruh (Hotel)’ at Junnar. (Amol Benake has been mentally circumcised; therefore, he has so much aversion towards saffron colour. Hindus should oust such people from power who have extreme hatred towards saffron ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

1. MLA Benake, his son, Amol and son-in-law Vinayak Tambe had gone to the above hotel at Khed-Shivapur for meals with other family members.

2.  A waiter from the hotel brought water for them. He was wearing saffron clothes. On observing his saffron clothes, Amol asked, “Why are you wearing saffron clothes ? Remove those clothes ! Is propagation of any political party going on here ?”

3. The owner of the hotel saw that some customer in his hotel was arguing with waiter; so he went there and said that it was his business and there was no question of wearing saffron clothes or any propagation; but Tambe and Benake were in no mood to listen.

4. They jostled the owner and waiter while abusing and intimidating them. The enraged waiter and owner and even other people also gave an apt reply to Benake and Tambe.

5. Complaints have been lodged by both the parties against each other with Rajgad police station.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat