Irfan Khan Was A Role Model for Muslim Actors in Bollywood

File photo of Irfan Khan

The unfortunate passing away of Bollywood (Indian film industry) Irfan Khan – a versatile and maverick actor, has created a big vacuum in the entertainment industry; Irfan Khan was a professional actor who never mired himself in any social, communal or political controversy. Unlike many other Muslim artists who use their Bollywood fame as a weapon to propagate Anti Hindu/Hinduism, Anti India, Anti – Security Forces philosophy among masses in art, music and entertainment. Irfan Khan was focused just on acting and never allowed Islamists Masters to use him as a ‘Pawn’ in their nefarious agenda against India.

75% of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry), a $2Billion industry, is controlled directly or indirectly by radical Anti-India Islamists (Masters), Indian communists have educated and skilled these Islamists in using Art, Music and Movies entertainment institutions to carry on their Anti Hindu, Anti India, Anti – Security Forces agenda. E.g. the way communists use JNU – an educational institution, its students for anti-India acts.

Under this agenda, these ‘Masters’ – a closed gang of 25+ individuals (based in Mumbai, Karachi, London, Dubai) define themes or scripts of Movies, songs, Web series, documentaries etc. Zakir Naik – an absconding Islamist, a fugitive now based in Malaysia is also a key member of this Master Gang.  The key role of this Master gang is to define the script, a part of ideological brainwashing and cultural denigration project of ISI Pakistan. ISI Pakistan runs many Anti India projects (ISI 75% Anti India operations are funded by China). By cultural brainwashing and creating an Anti-India, Anti Hindu, Anti Security forces viewpoint among Indian masses, ISI can create a state of anarchy in India, general masses will hate the security forces (Police, paramilitary and Army) and courts, Dalit’s will hate caste Hindus, new generation will hate pro Hindu and patriotic organizations. This weakens the country from within and eventually leads to its collapse. These masters are ISI stooges – they are well educated, civilized and are an expert in the art of deceive – perfect nautankiwalas.

This Master gang  consists of  three non-Muslim members (trained communists), one senior intellectual from ISI (Pakistan), two associates from D- Company, ten former/  current artists / actors (based in Mumbai), two Maulanas trained by (Communists) , with one project manager from Khans – the lead, two activist NGO leads and two Muslim politicians, one lawyer and two businessman who funds. Each member has its specific role in organizing meetings and getting action items executed from meeting notes.

The ‘Slaves’ consists of all associates involved in production – artists like actors, producers, choreographer, music director and crew. These slaves may or may not know the core intention of ‘Masters Gang’, they are merely focused on producing that piece of art as per the theme and script of master.  The ‘Slaves’ are asked to act as per the script and if they refuse or raise concern, they are kicked out of the project (Movie, Web series or documentary). You can nowadays see in Bollywood that many good actors are not getting roles; this is because they refused to act as per the masters Anti India scripts.  The salve artists are selected very cautiously, for example a role where theme has ‘Caste Hindu atrocity on Dalit’ will have a Brahmin actor as caste Hindu, a theme with ‘RSS, BJP or Saffron parties atrocity on Muslims’ will have a Hindu actor as victim, a theme where ‘Police is shown as corrupt, inhumane’ will have Hindu young couple as victims. This to cause maximum damage to inquisitive mind of viewers and enable them to develop negative perception for an institution (Police, Army etc.) or Group (RSS, BJP, Saffron political parties etc.) or Caste (Brahmins, Rajput’s, Punjabis etc.) .It’s to be noted that the strength of any nation is it’s security forces and nationalist citizenship / groups – once they lose goodwill among general masses, the country will become a banana republic – a country or region which has no confidence in herself and any external country or agency can intervene and out rule local law.

In Bollywood, an actor / artists success is directly proportional to the extent of Anti Hindu, Anti India, and Anti – Security roles he / she plays. Also uses their fame and celebrity status to support Master Gang affiliated NGO’s projects. Membership to Master Gang is by invitation only, once you qualify as A++ artists (acted in more than 100+ Master Gang. Themes defaming India, Hindus, Hinduism, Army, Police).

Now day’s these ‘Masters’ have defined a new modus operandi. They are 100% using Hindu actors, artists, Hindu actors firms to produce such defamatory Anti – India, Anti – Hinduism, Anti – Security forces art. While Muslim actors, their firms are producing romantic, comedy and action content. This was they kill two birds with one shot.  The Slaves are later asked to donate a share of profit to Islamist NGO’s which manages and obliges local administration, police , politicians to keep master – slave set up protected. Few masters’ group members are also sitting MP’s in Rajya Sabha. Their evil acts of back stabbing and traitor acts are infinite.

As an intellectual, Irfan Khan very well knew this master & slave set up in Bollywood and refused to be a slave of these nefarious masters. Irfan had a moral conscious and was thankful to motherland India where he achieved fame, success and richness. His internal conscious wasn’t allowing him to deceive his countrymen, its culture and nation by acting as per the poisonous themes of Bollywood Masters Gang.  By doing that Irfan Khan has set an example that you can still act, dance and sing in Bollywood in full artistic spirit. It’s very tough to survive in Bollywood without Master Gang. support and needs a brave heart and robust mind. Undoubtedly, Irfan Khan was a role model for Muslim actors in Bollywood.  A true Muslim he was – faithful to his country, country men and culture.

May Lord Ganesha helps Irfan’s departed soul energy towards upward upliftment and gives strength to his family and close ones in this time of grief.  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

The author, Rahul Chandra Sharma, is a writer and speaker on Hindu Empowerment subjects. He is the director of Hindu Empowerment Office and Editor –In-Chief of World Hindu News, Vishwa Hindu Samachar digital Hindu portals. One can reach him at More info on his profile can be researched at


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