Islamic State operatives wanted to kill Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee: Report

Mamata banerjee under the knife of IS

Arrested ISIS Jihadi reveals the plan to kill the Hindu CM of West Bengal as she is not permitted to rule under Sharia dictum.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | March 21, 2016:: As a part of NIA’s operation against the ISIS chapter in India, the top Indian investigation agency had arrested Ashik Ahmed on March 17, an eighteen year old student of a private poly-technique college in Durgapur in Burdwan district. He was noticed first by a special team of NIA on February 25 in his mess near Panagarh military base and from then he was kept under a stealthy surveillance before arrest. Ashik was staying in the mess introducing him as a Hindu fellow Raja Das, as sources said.

During the course of rigorous interrogation, it was revealed that Ashik had an active link with the ISIS (India chapter). He brought a senior leader of ISIS to Burdwan and traveled to some remote areas in Indo-Bangladesh border, which are exclusively dominated by Muslim population.

Ashik was trying to build a strong and effective unit  of ISIS in West Bengal that can easily sneak to Bangladesh and come back again. “Ashik had a mandate to set up a training and bomb making centre modeling on JMB’s unit in Khagragarh. He has visited some of the unregistered Madrassas in the region too. Had he not been picked up by NIA, West Bengal Bengal would have witnessed another Khagragarh like incident,” said a senior police official. In many places in WB, the unregistered Madrassas are being used as Jihadi training centers covertly.

Ashik’s name cropped up during NIA’s investigation in connection with the ISIS case. As of now, the central agency has picked up 25 youths who were allegedly involved in the ISIS case.

“Ashik was very much active in social media and he was establishing the ISIS propaganda in the social networking forums. He also tried to brain wash some of Muslim youths in the locality. A couple of his associates are also under scanner and we are maintaining a close vigil on them,” added the official.

Ashik was opted as the Chief (Ameer) of West Bengal unit of ISIS by the Central IS Foreign Relation cell key Safi Armer. It is also divulged in the course of investigation that Safi has been active to expand Indian and its state units of IS modules by recruiting computer expert youths interested Jihad in Indian subcontinent.  Shafi Armar was an Indian Mujahideen operative erstwhile.

Ashik is a first year student in a polytechnique college in Durgapur. He was residing with five of his friends at Gopalpur area in Burdwan, which is a kilometer away from the Panagarh Airforce base.

He has his own house at Dhaniakhali in Hooghly district. His father, Golam Rasul is a farmer. However, in the college, Ashik took admission with a fake address. The NIA interrogated his father Golam Rasul too .

Ashik is the second youth from Bengal who was arrested for his alleged link with ISIS. Mehdi Masroor Biswas of Kaikhali (WB) was the first person from Bengal who was arrested near about two years back from his Bengaluru apartment for being a propagandist of ISIS.

But what is most dangerous Jihadi revelation, NIA divulged so far from Ashik Ahmed alias Raja that the IS module of West Bengal wanted to kill  the Hindu CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee as she is not permitted to rule under Sharia dictum. The matter came to light as the NIA team sent an alert to the WB Home Department to take adequate security measures for State CM.

Though WB CM Mamata Banerjee is barely known for her limitless Muslim appeasement, spreading Madrasa education in the state and soft treatment for the uprising Islamic hooliganism here in the line of Muslim vote bank politics, she is targeted by the IS operatives as the brute Sharia people would not like any Woman or Hindu ruler in any capacity under their Jihadi modus operandi.

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