Janmashtami celebrated with traditional fervour in Mathura

janmashtamiMathura, Sep 5 (PTI) The land of Lord Krishna is in the grip of tremendous religious excitement as Janmashtami is celebrated with traditional fervour in five temples here.

“There has been no untoward incident so far”, District Magistrate said.

While in the morning part of the day, the influx of devotees was in Shah Ji temple Vrindaban and Sri Krishna Janmasthan and in the afternoon devotees thronged Prem Mandir Vrindaban and Dwarkadhish temple.

“It has taken more than one hour to distribute Charnamrit amongst pilgrims”, Prasant Gupta the Sevayat Acharya of Shah Ji temple, where Janmashtami was celebrated during day time today, said.

Earlier amidst chanting of Vedica hymns, the bathing ceremony (Abhishek) of principal deity of Shah Ji temple Vrindaban was performed with curd, milk, honey, Ghee and Khandsari.

According to Vinod Behari, the PRO of ISCKON Vrindaban Hundreds of foreign devotees observed Nirjala fast (even did not consume water) in Krishna Balaram temple.

Long queues for paying obeisance to deity were visible at Sri Krishna Janmasthan based different temples.

In a special program organized at Sri Krishna Janmasthan, the pilgrims were thrilled when various sports of Lord Krishna were presented through different local songs by team Mathuresh Chaturvedi and Shyam Chaturvedi.

“We are lucky as we all are celebrating Sri Krishna Janmastami at a place where Lord Krishna incarnated.

Though he loves devoted devotee however, He showers His blessing equally on everyone”, Mahamandaleshwar Guru Sharnanad Maharaj ,said, while delivering his discourse on the occasion.

Source: Niti Central