JFH West Bengal launches despite violence and emergency law

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JFH West Bengal launches despite violence and emergency law

JFH West Bengal was set to launch to a large audience tomorrow, Sunday, February the 2nd.  However, days before the launch, violence broke out in the Indian state with Muslim rioters burning down houses and shops, killing more than two people and raping three women so far, still there seems to be a virtual media blackout.  Conditions are still very dangerous, police have arrested more than 25 perpetrators within the state.  Because the state has instituted “144 rules”, which means there may be no large meetings or group transportation, the official assembly to launch JFH West Bengal had to be canceled.  However, core members of the division met so that JFH could begin to officially organize and operate within the state.

Mr. Swapan Das (ex bank manager), Mr. Khokan Halder (head of the bank accountant), Mr Pallav Basu (expert of environment), Mr. Prantik Deb Nath (specialist in raike), Mr. Sushanta Saha (expert in pro), Mr. Subimal Mallit (ex superintend of police), Mr. Ajay Biswas (head of the RSS of Bengal division), Mr Makhan Banik (oil and natural gas expert) and so many others joined to help open a branch office of JFH in West Bengal despite these difficult conditions . We are specially thankful to  them for their hard work.  We would also like to give a special thanks to Dr. Bidhan Nath Chowdhury who traveled to West Bengal from Assam India to help launch the branch.  Dr. Chowdhury has been our greatest champion and he is working selflessly for the cause, risking his safety to help bring Justice For Hindus. Once the emergency laws are lifted, we will organize a general meeting for Hindus of West Bengal.

Big Thanks To:
Dr. Bidhan Nath Chowdhury, Center (Blue and Red)


Source: justiceforhindus.org