DHARMA is a SANSKRIT Word. Its meaning is very wide. Since Dharma is specific & discrete KARMA mode of PURUSHAH……. the ultimate matter CHETAN-TATWA (CT), therefore DHARMA is a PRAKRATIC (natural) activity for all JADA-CHETAN bodies (BHOOTAS) in all BRAHMMANDAS. DHARMA’S English translation is not “RELIGION”. All religions, in the world are man made. DHARMA is SANATANA, i.e. continuation without beginning and without end. In fact, DHARMA is a part of PRAKRATI only.

v  There are many religions in this world. These are all man made and they exist ONLY on this planet earth. All religions are (i) of human beings (ii) for human beings and (iii) by human beings. Hence all religions are “ONLY” for human beings. All human beings are but in a negligible fraction in nature.

v  On the other hand, there is “ONE” and “ONLY  ONE” PRAKRATI DHARMA for all JADA+CHETAN in all the various clusters of BRAHMMANDAS, spreaded across multi billion light years space.

v  This DHARMA is (i) of Prakrati (ii) for Prakrati and (ii) by Prakrati. Hence DHARMA is for both JADA & CHETAN (J & C) bodies in nature.

All humans, animals, creatures, metals & minerals, planets, rivers, mountains etc have “ONE” and “ONLY ONE” DHARMA i.e. thier PRAKRATI GUNAS.

v  There are many PRAKRATI GUNAS in all clusters of BRAHMMANDAS. Each PRAKRATI GUNA has its own specific & discrete physical “P” and Chemical “C” values (co-ordinates). Each JADA & CHETAN body in various clusters of BRAHMMANDAS has its “own” specific & discrete “P&C” pixel-co-ordinates as PRAKRATI GUNAS.

v  Each JADA-CHETAN (J & C) body is bound to 100% follow its PRAKRATI GUNAS 24 x 7. These P&C-pixel values have been assigned by the PURUSHAH….. the CT under His “own” super intelligent prakrati DHARMA-design.

v  It is this CT’S super intelligent design of nature “ONLY” that each J & C object is bound to 100% follow its own PRAKRATI DHARMAS 24 x 7.

v  This is CT’S modus oparandi design and it is through the Omnipresent three PRAKRATI GUNAS SATA (S); RAJA (R) and TAMA (T) i.e. SRT. Ref. Gita 18(40).

v  All these PRAKRATI GUNAS, SRT, have their own P & C-pixel values as a result of various permutations and combinations of infinite “P” and infinite “C” possible values in CT i.e.

S1=P20C56         ;   ;          R30 = PxCy       ;           T50 = P500C25……      & nbsp;   


(PD)1 = Sx + Ry +T;      (PD)200 = Sa + Rb +T          ;      i.e.(PD)x = Sl + Rm +Tn…..etc


DHARMA, therefore, is not man made and also not “ONLY” for human beings. DHARMA is PRAKRATI GUNA, and it is there for both J & C bodies (BHOOTAS) all over BRAHMMANDAS.

v  All JADA-TATWAS have rigidly fixed P&C-pixel values which these TATWAS are bound to follow 24×7. This is their SWABHAVA or SWABHAVIK DHARMA (PRAKRATIC KARMA).

v  All BIO-MASS CHETAN bodies other than human beings do not have rigidity but they have limited variable P&C values assigned to them by almighty CT. These limited P&C-pixel are their DHARMA which they are bound to follow 24 x 7. This is their SWABHAVIK DHARMA (KARMA). Please ref. Gita 3 (27, 28, 29). Gita’s principles must not be understood for human beings only. These are true for both J & C bodies.

v  Human BIO-MASS’S P&C-pixels have far more variable values 24 x 7. This is due to their superior DNA-design assigned by CT. This variable P & C-pixel nature is the limited freedom of KARMA in humans and it becomes further far more superior when human is a yogi. Pl. see Gita 7(3), 8(3) in this regard. This is our SWABHAVIK DHARMA (natural KARMA)

v  There are ten (10) DHARMA LACCHANAS possible under this variable P&C-pixel design of human BIO-MASS;- (1) DHRATI – ability to adopt                       (2) KSHAMA – forgiveness  (3) DAMAN – Selfrestriction (4) ASTEYAMA – no stealing (5) SHAUCHAMA – external and internal cleanliness (6) INDRIYA – NIGGRAHA- self control of five sensing organs (7) DHEERA-patience (8) VIDYA – knowledge (9) SATYA – truthfulness (10) AKKRODHAHA – no arrogance.

LACCHANA (SANSKRIT) = Signs, indicators.

These are naturally evolved BIO-MASS qualities with specific and discrete P&C – pixels.

These DHAMRA LACCHANAS can be further developed in human BIO-MASS “ONLY” through specific & discrete BIO treatment i.e. proper YOGA-SADHANA ONLY. This is KAIVALLYA as defined by Patanjali in YOGA SUUTTRA 4 (34). This is, in fact, the path of self DNA modification (SDM) technique. This is “PURUSHARTHA” of Patanjali’s YOGA-SHADHANA.

v  It is “ONLY” due to this variable P&C-pixel design mode of CT, for human BIO-MASS, that we can achieve BRAHMMA GYANA i.e. PBG x CBG – pixel design in our DNA. This is GOD realization or SIDDHA status in human DNA-design.

v  It is ONLY due to this very variable P&C – pixel – design of human BIO-MASS that humans have freedom and can also go to astray – KARMAS due to ignorance (AGYANAWASTHA). It is under this VIKARAWASTHA i.e. deficiency in DNA that some persons are un-able to develop these ten LACCHANAS of DHARMA necessarily required for humanity.  

v  These PBG x CBG – pixel can be self generated in human BIO-MASS through SDM, only under this very variable P&C–pixel–design. There is ASHTANGA-YOGA or KRIYA-YOGA technique of PATANJALI which is capable to modify our DNA-design. This can be further streamlined under SDM i.e. Self DNA Modification technique, in the light of modern Genetic Engineering principles.

v  We need to self develop and maintain URDHWA-GATI KARMAS in our BIO-MASS (DNA) 24 x 7. In order to switch –on the genetic cluster responsible for this task in our DNA – design, we need to restrain ADHO-GATI KARMAS             24 x 7.

v  ASHTANGA-YOGA/KRIYA-YOGA is medicine (external chemical) free technique for DNA’s modification. Medicine technique, developed mostly in western countries, is 100% prone to many variable PRAKRATI-GUNAS which is bound to suffer unknown VIKARAS in due course of time under APARA domain’s super illusions i.e. MAYA.

v  It has been proved scientifically that DNA – design can be altered by control of physical & Chemical (P&C) values. There is a whole course of YOGA-techniques which is the medicine-free URDHWA-GATI KARMA for SDM.

v  URDHWA-GATI KARMAS have disappeared from human BIO-MASS since last many thousand years. Shrimad BHAGAWAT MAHA PURANA and RAMAYANA have described (proffecy) this demise bound to happen during KALIYUGA. These four quarters of cosmic time & Space Viz. SATAYUGA, TRETAYUGA, DWAPAR YUGA and KALIYUGA too have specific & discrete P & C – pixels under the super- intelligent – CHETAN–TATWA.

v  Operation of our variable P&C – pixel values in desired DHARMA direction ONLY must be a 24 x 7 activity in our life, since it is a part of total BRAHMMA-GYANA which each human is born to follow…… by PRAKRATI.

v  All references, given above, from Gita and Patanjali, may not appear to have links with modern Genetic sciences. These scripts have cosmic helioscopic mention of these principles given in those days language and “BRAHMMA – VIDYA” style. It is up to us, now, to understand these BRAHMMA-VIDYA principles in modern scientific style.                


Yogiraj Uma Dutt Mishra

(M. Sc Physics)

Special Studies in HUNGARY, FRANCE, UK,


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