Kashmiri Pandits Killed but Media looking with close eyes

Why Kashmiri pandits were killed and forced to go out of Kashmi. This had happened since 50 years but no body noticed. Even Media never raised this topic at all they talk about Riots of Gujarat and other place. But arent Hindus are human. Kashmiri pandits were killed and been killed since 50 years no body dared to stop that.

All Pakistani people came to Kashmir and they say they are from Kashmir. Kashmir belogs to Kashmiri Pandits and hindus they welcomed to Muslims also. But then things go messed up and almost 80% of Kashimiri Pandits were killed Since last 50 years.

What Gov doing since then they never protected them at all. They were playing politics of Community. I would say please dont do that. Innocent people were killed and they have been forced to go out of their home town.

I request Goverment to take strong action against this and make kashimir a Complete safe zone. Please make india stand clear on kashmir to pakistan that give our Pakistan occupied Kashmir back and be at your place which was given to you when partition was been done.

Right now politics made this issue in such a bad phase that all pakistani in kashmir are coming to india easly and making terror attacks. We need to control this and make sure india is safe.

I would like to request to any political party who is really having courage to make this work.

Special notes for Media they show all news on Riots and other issue on minority. But did they ever showed any problem of Kashimiri pandits and hindus in Kashmir Valley. They never raised this issue in media why they dint. Please ans this question also.

Source: Mark-a-line