Labour leader Ed Miliband joins Harrow’s Navratri celebrations

Ed MilibandLeader of the Labour party Ed Miliband called for fair funding for councils when he joined Hindus from across the borough for Navratri celebrations.

The Opposition leader was invited to join the festivities by Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Harrow East Uma Kumaran and Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas.

He was also joined by Brent North MP Barry Gardiner and MP Keith Vaz, and attennded festivities at the KP Centre, in Kenmore Avenue, and in Byron Hall at Harrow Leisure Centre, in Christchurch Avenue.

Speaking exclusively to the Harrow Times, he said: “I was invited to come Harrow and I am privileged to be here for my first Navratri celebrations.

“It is an important date in the calendar of the Hindu community and it’s great to be here to join the celebration.

“I want to get across our message about how Labour can benefit all the communities of Harrow with policies like protecting the NHS and building new homes.”

The Harrow Times also asked the leader about the large cuts to be implemented by Harrow Borough Council’s Labour administration.

He said: “The first thing to do is to make sure that funding is fair across the board for local authorities.

“There are some councils, especially in different parts of London, that are finding they are having to cut more than others.

“Some see local authorities as a soft touch for cuts, like this Conservative government, but under a Labour government we will do more to make sure funding is fair.”

Hundreds of people at the two venues welcomed the leader as part of the annual celebrations for the festival which includes dancing and music.

Navratri means ‘nine days’ and is an important date in the Hindu calendar, symbolising the triumph of good over evil.

Hindus around the world celebrate the annual festival, which takes place near the start of October around the start of the harvest.

Source: This Is Local London