LED light will reflect Lord Ganesh’s moods in Siddhivinayak Temple-Mumbai

Siddhivinayak ropes in top architect for Rs. 60L facade project
Architecht Jimmy Mistry made a presentation on Wednesday showing how Siddhivinayak temple would look once it is illuminated. The project will be completed in the next three months
Noted architect Jimmy Mistry has plans for LED lighting that changes with the moon’s phases, ‘reflecting Lord Ganesh’s moods’.

With eyes firmly on putting Siddhivinayak temple on the tourist map, the temple’s trust has brought on board Parsi architect Jimmy Mistry, who designed the much-talked about Della Tecnica tower in Dadar.

The inspiration for the trust, though, was the Saifee Hospital on Charni Road, illuminated with monochromatic LED lights. “Saifee Hospital is a striking feature on Marine Drive. It is prominently visible and it adds to the beauty of the area,” said Subhash Mayekar, chairman, Siddhivinayak Temple Trust.

“However, Siddhivinayak temple’s lighting would be much more than the simply white or yellow lights,” he added. “While many tourists are already attracted to the temple, the illumination will add to its beauty,” said Mayekar.

The trustees approached Mistry who is known for Della Tecnica, a residential tower inspired by the design and style preferred by the ancient Achaemenian Dynasty of Iran. Mistry has agreed to take up the Rs 60 lakh project and has waived off his fee.

“It is my contribution to Mumbai,” said Mistry, adding that the theme of the temple’s lighting will change with the phases of moon. “We are mostly using shades of yellow, orange and magenta, which will depict the moods of Ganesha. The automated lights with dimmer panels will change with full moon, new moon, and special days such as Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali and other festivals,” he added.

Mistry is also working on internal lighting for the temple, as well as overall landscaping. “We will use natural light inside the temple. We are also working on a new water misting technology which will bring down the temperature inside, so that air conditioners will not be needed. The idea is to completely change the devotee experience,” he said.

The temple will also get glass canopies for natural lighting on the walkway around the temple, a water feature that will suppress the noise of vehicular traffic, and a writing wall where devotees can simply leave messages for the lord.