Map of Southeast Asia: Hinduized states of Indian Ocean Community — George Coedes

A beautiful map prepared by National Geographic. This image complements the insights provided by a great French epigraphist, George Coedes in his magnum opus titled:  See:
  • Histoire ancienne des États hindouisés d’Extrême-Orient, 1944
  • “Some Problems in the Ancient History of the Hinduized States of South-East Asia”, Journal of Southeast Asian History, Vol.5, No.2, pp. 1–14
  • The region in Indian Ocean is exemplified by the continuum of Dharma-Dhamma as a governing principle. George Coedes characterized the region as ‘Hinduised states of the Orient’ which is also referred to as Greater India in the academic studies of the contact regions which were established during the early Bronze Age in Sarasvati-Sindhu (Hindu) civilization. 
  • I call this the Indian Ocean Community, a counterpoise to the European Community.

Sarasvati Research Center
Octoberr 17, 2014

Peoples Of Mainland Southeast Asia Map 1971

By National Geographic
Peoples Of Mainland Southeast Asia Map 1971
Peoples Of Mainland Southeast Asia Map 1971
Item#: X NGC 031971b
Discover the varied cultures and ethnicities of the peoples of mainland Southeast Asia with this educational map. A supplement to the map of Asia printed in March 1971, this work also accompanied the article “Pagan, on the Road to Mandalay.” A wonderful guide to the enigmatic people that inhabit this fascinating region of the world.

The 1971 Peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia map features:
• Detailed insets of the main ethnicities of the region with striking illustrations
• An abundance of information about the geography, history, and religions of the region
• Historic kingdoms and colonies
• Easy to read, color key to ethnic groups
• Early Man in Southeast Asia inset
• Boldly drawn borders

Coverage Area: Mainland Southest Asia