MCCBHCST wishes Happy Deepavali to all


Dear friends of the Hindu faith,

In the name of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), we wish to once again extend to all of you our heartfelt wishes on the occasion of Deepavali.

Dear friends, your religious tradition inspires the conviction that friendly relations, dialogue and the respectful and harmonious exchange of views leads to the attitudes of kindness and forgiveness which in turn generate authentic and fraternal relations.

As co-religionists we live in a world all too often torn apart by selfishness, ethnic rivalry, violence and religious fundamentalism. Yet, we are called, in a spirit of cooperation, to defend our shared humanity in a variety of socio-economic, political and religious contexts.

Our world is witnessing a growing sense of our common humanity and a global quest for a more just, peaceful and fraternal world. But the fulfilment of these hopes depends on recognition of universal values. We hope to foster a revewed and deepened sense of unity and fraternity among all the members of the human family. Let us dialogue and meet each other in order to establish a culture of dialogue in this beloved nation of ours.

We pray that your celebration of Deepavali will be an occasion to rediscover fraternity anew, especially in our divided societies.

Once again allow us to express our heartfelt greetings and to wish all of you Happy Deepavali.