Mega Vedic ritual begins

KUDSVHI-W135_AR_21_2284205fMega Vedic ritual ‘Aptoryamam’ got off to a start on the sprawling premises at Gargeyapuram near here on Tuesday.

The ritual would go on for 13 days with over 125 priests performing various rituals during the course of the period. Kesapragada Harihara Sarma, who officiated the programme, said a similar kind of string of rituals was believed to have been performed 70 years ago in Rayalaseema. The ‘Mahahomam’ was being organised with the objective of achieving harmony with nature and balanced rainfall, bountiful crops, peace and happiness.

Vedic Scholars Narendra Swami and Kesav Avadhani from Maharashtra took part in the celebrations on the first day. The programme started with ‘pradakshina’, making of holy fire and ‘sankalpam’. MLAs Gouru Charita Reddy, Mani Gandhi and others were present. Free lunch was offered to devotees.

Source: The Hindu