Message from (H.H.) Dr Jayant Athavale on the occasion of Hindu’s festival Vijayadashmi

HIn the present state, taking the first step towards victory is the real crossing of the border (Seemolanghan) !

‘The festival of Vijayadashami gives inspiration for victory. On this day, the Hindu Deities achieved the great valour of defeating the ten directions, that is, the enemies coming from the ten directions. Hence, it is also called Dashahara (Dasara), that is, ten directions. On this day, demons Mahishasur and Ravan were vanquished by the Trishul-wielding Shri Durgadevi and Kodand-wielding Prabhu Shriram respectively. Since the Deities defeated the enemies with the help of weapons, the Scriptures tell us,  ‘Shastramev Jayate !’, that is, ‘The weapons only win in wars’. Nowadays, the weapons are worshipped on Vijayadashami merely as a routine task. The real worship of weapon will be to take the scientific training of wielding weapons in the entire next year along with worshipping the weapons.

Today, the Ravans are defeating the Hindus everywhere, and the Hindu Sitas are being kidnapped. In such a situation, instead of performing the programmes like ‘Ramleela’ and ‘Ravandahan’, if the Hindus take the first step towards victory to defeat the  insolent Ravans, it will be a real crossing of the border (Seemolanghan) as per the  current times.’

– (H.H.) Dr. Jayant Athavale (HJS’ Source of Inspiration)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat