Attacks on Hindus during the period – 7th to 20th September 2014

aghatSeptember 8 : Christian missionaries from tribal areas of Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Bengal have now undertaken translation of Bible in ‘Mal Pahadia’, the language of tribal people.
September 9 : A Hindu minor girl, aged 14 years, was kidnapped from Kaiyempur in Brahmanbaria District by 4 fanatics from Dhaka (Bangla Desh) and she was converted.
September 10 : Fanatics attacked an activist of Sriram Sena (age- 37 yrs) from Ijeri (Taluka Devaragi) hitting him with rod, axe and stones and killed him. During the attack, fanatics attacked even women, 10 out of them have been injured.
September 10 : It has been brought forth that fanatics from Idgah area in Manmad (Maharashtra) killed a Hindu youth named Rahul Chuniyan (age – 17 yrs) for celebrating Sri Ganesha festival.
September 13 : At Sillod (Dist. Sambhajinagar), few miscreants threw black oil on the idol in Sri Lakshmi Devi temple in the premises of ‘Krushi Utpanna Bazar’ on 11th September. Local Hindus are enraged as such incident took place for the fifth time in last 2 years.
September 13 : A press conference was held by Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the occasion of the Government completing 100 days at Centre. A reporter asked him about love jihad during the press conference when he replied that he was not aware of the problem; thus shirking from responsibility.
September 16 : Karnataka Government has issued notice to 7 ancient temples in Hubli District in the name of road –widening; but excluded big mosque in same area. It is learnt that the fanatics have brought permission from Delhi, against demolition of mosque.
September 19 : A Hindu youth carrying a Muslim woman on pillion seat of his two-wheeler was brutally beaten up by a group of fanatics at Nanded.

September 7 : About 100 circulars were confiscated by police from Ratu area, Ranchi (Jharkhand) warning Hindus to leave the place within a month; else face conversion of their daughters through love jihad.
September 7 : Bihar Chief Minister Jeetan Ram Manzi said in a public program at Aaraa (Bihar) that removal of article 370 related to Kashmir would lead to Kashmir becoming a part of China and Pakistan and it was a conspiracy to divide this country.
September 9 : Peshawar : Following the steps of Al-Kayda, jihadi terrorist organization ISIS based in Iraq is now ready to start its activities in India.
September 10 : NDRF soldiers who had gone to Srinagar for saving flood – stricken citizens were attacked by local citizens. One soldier was injured in the attack and admitted in a hospital in Chandigad.
September 11 : Naxalites from ‘Jharkhand Tiger Group’ arrested by police have admitted that Yogendra Sav, Agriculture Minister and Congress MP from Jharkhand is the Chief of the above organization. Involvement of Sav in many such incidents has been exposed. Even earlier, Sav was accused of serious crimes like connections with naxalites, giving contract to kill people or for taking ransom money.
September 11 : Telangana Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar rao openly threatened media of burying news channels 10 feet under the ground if they dared to defame Telangana State.
September 12 : Samajwadi Party’s President (Maulana ) Mulayam Singh Yadav said that Pakistan is like our younger brother and someone was harassing him. There should be unity between two brothers. Younger brothershould respect elder brother and elder should give love and affection to younger brother. He said the above during election campaign at Mainpuri ( Uttar Pradesh) constituency.
September 13 : ‘White tapping’ work carried out from Kranti Chowk to Paithan Gate in Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) is facing problem due to a mosque. Three months back, the Municipal Administration demolished 12 religious places for the same reason; but they have given assurance to mosque that it would not be demolished and started work at available place. The 100-feet road will, therefore, become 70-feet due to mosque.
September 13 : Education (State) Minister Fauzia Khan of Maharashtra, who is not a member of either Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council, is not ready to vacate her post.
September 15 : Police refused permission to hold ‘Rastyreeya Hindu Andolan’ at Kalyan giving excuse of forthcoming festival period and no law and order problem should be created during this period. The program was proposed to be held against love jihad.
September 15 : It has been found that students are given liquor and shown vulgar films in school known as ‘Kurudam Janajateeya Niwasi (Residential) School’ in Gadhva District, Jharkhand.
September 15 : Babasaheb Khandagale (age – 9 yrs), was studying in 3rd standard at Zilha Parishad’s school at Lanzi village, Gangapur taluka, Sambhajinagar. He was beaten up and detained in school by his teacher named Sheikh Kalim Sheikh Umar which led to his death.
September 16 : China’s President Chi Jinping was to come to India on 17th September but People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China infiltrated Indian border; 300 soldiers of PLA surrounded 100 Indian soldiers. The incident occurred in Chumur area of Ladakh.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat