Muslim procession on Viswa Nabi Divas unleashes terror on Hindus in Panchla, Howrah

As fresh reports are coming to the news desk, Hindus, especially women, have fled from the persecuted villages of Kolepara, Pachalpara, Santrapara and Beltala in particular, within the jurisdiction of the police station of Panchla in the district of Howrah, following an unprecedented attack on Hindus inhabiting the villages today in the noon. It has been learnt, massive procession of Muslims to observe “Viswa Nabi Divas” or World Nabi Day, under the watchful eye of police, was brought out in the noon today itself. The problem started when a Hindu woman Shyamasree Ghosh (name changed) living in Koelpara objected to high pitch sound emanating from sound boxes used in the pageant and asked organizers to lessen it. When she was both challenged and taunted sexually, a few Hindu youths joined the protest leading to a minuscule fight between the two groups. Contrary to the expectation of Hindus, the news of tussle was circulated to other groups of Muslims rapidly and massive violent attacks with use of arms to teach Hindus a lesson were unleashed. The intensity of assault was such that police teams guarding the procession had to flee.
A large number of houses of Hindus have been ransacked by now while at Pollepara within Koelpara, two Hindu temples of Harisabha and Lord Hanuman have been razed to the ground. Along with these, an embroidery factory and a residence, both owned by Hindus, have been burnt down. Hindus sought help of local police and administration to stop the criminals but there was no response. It has been learnt, RAF has been deployed to calm the situation but resurgence of sanity in the area seems to be a doomed prospect.  Reason? The crisis deepened before the presence of Gulshan Mallick (present MLA at Panchla Legislative Constituency and from Trinamool Congress) and Officer-in-Charge of Panchla police station.

Source: Hindu Samhati