Will police in Malda wake up and stop Love Jihad now?

On January 7, 2014, at 10 am, Ripa Mandal (age 17 years) was abducted by Sakim Shiekh (age 22 years) while she was going to her school. Ripa happens to be the student of Class IX at Mahammadia High Madrasa Bahadurpur and is the daughter of Atul Chandra Mandal living in Sundartala, within the jurisdiction of Post Office: Dulugram and Police Station: Kaliachak in the district of Malda. Sakim, on the other hand, is the son of Khurshed Sheikh inhabiting the village of Salehpur Dariapur within the same police station’s authority.  Even if the police appeared reluctant to deal with the case, a missing diary was filed on January 8. Once the disinclination of police was spotted, Atul started to find her daughter out all-alone and within the next few hours culpability of Sakim Sheikh came forth.

After lots of endeavors, Ripa was found from the residence of Sakim on January 11. Atul Chandra Mandal went to Sakim’s residence alone but Ripa was not given to him. Instead, she was transferred to Nabiul Sheikh, an infamous criminal in the locality, and he brought Ripa to her residence. It has been learnt, Sakim married Ripa meanwhile and now Sakim’s family is asking Atul Mandal to recognize the marriage. The cudgel of responsibility to have Atul’s consent is on Nabiul Sheikh and he has been warning local Hindus with dire consequences if they dare to stir up public opinion. Tension prevails the area while local police remains apathetic to the reality.  Locals murmur that this Love Jihad has become a bane to teenage girls.