Nail artist draws 999 varieties of Ganesha

For Representation Purpose

For Representation Purpose Only

Ravi Parasa’s dedication and effort hailed

“Some of us will be having a habit of biting nails and we think that nails are useless. But, no one thinks that we can draw beautiful sketches with nails. We should also know that nail art is part of our culture,” said Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma.

Inaugurating Ravi Parasa’s Nail Art Exhibition on 999 varieties of Ganeshas here on Wednesday along with Nannaya University Vice Chancellor Murru Mutyala Naidu, the Vedic scholar recalled that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had told Swami Vivekananda that Hinduism was the only dharma that had distinct qualities like art, science and philosophy. Indians worship art as divine whereas foreigners describe art as divine.

Isavasyam idam sarvam” meant God was in everything, including in the art, he said. He congratulated Mr. Ravi Parasa on drawing 999 varieties of Ganeshas from different parts of India.

Psychologist Karri Rama Reddy, Sri Medha College Principal V. Rahul, Aripirala Narayana Rao and V.S.S. Krishna Kumar participated in the programme.

Mr. Ravi Parasa thanked everyone who supported his endeavour.

Source: The Hindu