Need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

1. Condition of India before 400 years

Before 400 years, social system in India had fallen apart. Life of people was very traumatic.  The whole country had become handicapped, lifeless and worthless. There was oppression by Muslims all over the country. People were fed up of facing natural and man-made calamities.

2. Regime of Muslims in Hindustan and the condition they had made of this country

  1. Mohammad Kasim : In 712, Mohammad Kasim conquered Sindh region and since then, India started facing trouble.
  2. Mohammad Gazani : From the year 1001 to 1027, in these 27 years, Mohammad Gazani invaded India 17 times; killing thousands of Indians; converting millions of Hindus, raping innumerable women and excessively torturing people.
  3. Mohammad Ghouri : In the year 1200, the atrocities and cruelty of Mohammad Ghouri knew no bounds. Historians’ pen gets obstructed while describing his cruelty.
  4. Babur starts Muslim ‘Sultanate’ : In the year 1526, Babur conquered Delhi and that was the rise of Muslim ‘Sultanate’. He ruled till 1530.
  5. Humayun : Year 1530 to 1556
  6. Akbar : Year 1556 to 1605
  7. Jehangir : Year 1605 to 1627
  8. Shahjehan : Year 1627 to 1658

3. Oppression by Muslims / Mughals

Oppression by these Mughals is heart-rending. Many foreigners and people of this country have written about severe fiendish ways of cruelty of these Mughals. The description made about the cruelty makes one shiver with fear; eyes pop out and heart bleeds.

  1. Yadunath Sarkar’s description of heart-rending atrocities of Mughals
    1. Destruction of seats of worship of Indians –
      1. Innumerable Gods-temples of Indians were destroyed.
      2. Places of pilgrimage were wiped out.
      3. There was denigration of idols of Gods and Goddesses stooping to a very low level.
      4. Idols were used for firing guns.
      5. Numerous idols of Deities were used as stones of base of mosques.
    2. Agonizing manner of genocide of Hindus –
      1. Many Hindus were killed at the same time.
      2. Heads of killed Hindus used to be hung on trees as symbol of bravery.
      3. New ways of cruelty used to be tried to scare remaining Hindus.
  2. Heart-rending experiences of oppression by Mughals : Lustful, pleasure-loving Mughals indulged in robberies, arson, killing, rapes, destruction of temples and places of pilgrimage, forceful conversions, burning of valuable books and destruction of innumerable pieces of art-work which are unparalleled in history. Their fanaticism, impetuosity and insatiable hunger for power had burnt the whole country from all sides.

4. Condition of nation due to oppression by Mughals

  1. Hindus self-destruction due to selfishness and cowardice : Muslim regime was tyrannical; but Hindus also destroyed themselves with their selfishness and cowardice. Selfishness of Hindus had crossed all limits. Even close relations like father-son , brother- sister etc. did not care for each other. So there was no God; no Dharma; no nation; no freedom and no governance; no ‘Ram-rajya’.
  2. Effect of selfishness of Hindus on social system : All citizens were suffering with poverty and sorrows. They had lost self-respect, they had no strength. They did not think of praying to God, perform any religious rituals or protect our symbols of own identity.
  3. Pitiable condition of brave leaders of Hindus : Brave Hindu leaders were made slaves by Mughal rulers. The intellectuals felt loyalty towards only those who provided them bread and butter. Valiant Rajput warriors, who used to be symbols of ‘Kshatra-Dharma’, overlooked God, Dharma, nation, justice and injustice and thought only about sacrificing life for the rulers.
  4. Extinction of Hindus’ identity : Hindus had lost self-confidence due to poverty and slavery and had no self-respect left; their identity was lost and this was the biggest calamity faced by India.
  5. Whole country becoming helpless : Rulers were Muslim; senior officers were oppressing people. Muslim population from rural areas had also become insolent with pride as they felt it was their regime. Hindu population had no wish to retaliate, become spineless, coward, lost their sense of duty and lifeless. The whole country had become helpless.
  6. Lot of deception developed even in religious field : Lot of deception, sham was developed even in matters related to religion; there were different opinions, heterodoxy and shops of religious activities were opened. Hypocrites’ selfish dealings were in full swing. There was cadaverous look everywhere.

5. When country needed a great personality to create consciousness, spirit in society that lacked self-confidence and principles, ‘Yugapurush’, Shri Goswami Tulsidas did this impossible task

The country was in need of a great personality who could create consciousness, spirit amongst people as they had lost self-confidence and principles. A superhuman was required to do most difficult task of reviving the nation, generating pride in worship, shaking the nation that was in deep slumber. ‘Yugapurush’ was required to hammer selfishness, ego, cowardice and blindness in society and that impossible task was done by ‘Yugapurush’ Shri. Goswami Tulsidas.

– Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji (Saptahik Sanatan Chintan [18.10.2012])

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat