Need for Hindus to introspect : Shri. Sachidanand Chaturvedi,

Sacchidanand_Chaturvedi_600Shri. Sachidanand Chaturvedi, Editor, Hindu Writers Forum, Patna, Bihar said, “Today Hindus have nothing like a ‘Hindu Society’ for them. Hindus have become selfish. They are only concerned about themselves and their family. There are many Hindu organizations. However, instead of staging agitations and fighting for the rights of Hindus, these organizations too are trying to solve matters through peaceful means. In the last 90 years, the prominent Hindu organizations and the other smaller organizations associated with them have not been able to organize a single noteworthy agitation for Hindus. The unity of these organizations is restricted only to a few people in society. They have drifted away from the vision and ideals of Pujya Golwalkar Guruji. Golwalkar Guruji had said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh should not be a distinct sect; however, today, the members of the Sangh are busy trying to portray their distinctiveness.”

Shri. Chaturvedi also said, “Most organizations only talk big, whereas others do not have clear objectives. For this, it is essential that the activities of Hindutva reach the local public. Hindus need to introspect; only then something can be achieved.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti