New York law honoring Hindu holiday ‘step forward’

diwali-2014-leicester-englandThe Diwali holiday is celebrated by Hindus across the world.

THE REST of the country should follow New York’s lead and recognize the Diwali holiday, an outspoken Hindu leader said.

New legislation signed by Gov. Cuomo on Dec. 17 allows public schools to consider canceling classes for the “festival of lights” celebrated each fall.

The bill is a “step in the right direction,” said Rajan Zed, the Nevada-based president of the Universal Society of Hinduism. But the other 49 states should follow suit, he urged.

The city Department of Education hasn’t decided whether to call off classes in 2015. “We are reviewing next year’s calendar, examining both our city’s diversity and our education priorities,” schools spokesman Harry Hartfield said.