With Sweets & Firecrakers HMSA Celebrates Diwali with Pakistani Hindu Refugees

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Pakistani Hindu Refugees brothers and sisters bursting firecrackers and lights, perhaps the first time in life ever since coming back from Pakistan.

Hindu Mahasabha of America donated sweets and firecrackers to Pakistani Hindu refugees based in blue city Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Local Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists and other Hindu volunteers assisted in towards this donation event. Approximately 700—900 Pakistani Hindus are based in Jodhpur area  of Rajasthan since past one year. Most of these refugees are from the state of Sindh province of Pakistan. Pakistani Hindus are facing a series of human rights violation which include loot, rape of women and kidnapping and other religious restrictions under the Islamic republic of Pakistan. In recent reports published by many international Human rights organizations the population of Hindus in Pakistan has decimated from 18% since independence (1947) to 3%. Political system in Pakistan has failed to protect minorities which are facing worst human rights violation under the current government headed by current prime minister Mr.Nawaz Sharif.

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Local VHP and Bajrang Dal activists distributing and celebrating Diwali with Hindu refugee children


Most of the refugees from Pakistan are currently based in adjoining cities of Rajasthan—Jodhpur, Jaipur and Bikaner. Some are based in Indian metros of New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bhopal.

“Service To Man Is Service To God”  Swami Vivekananda
In pic— VHP members and local volunteers distributing sweets and celebrating Diwali with Hindu refugees. A total of  150 Hindu families are residing in this region.

United States (US) based Hindu organizations are working jointly to provide relief efforts to Pakistani Hindu refugees. Many events have been implemented previously supply essential commodities like tents for residence, ration, water, health assistance under a joint partnership effort—United Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Efforts

As winters are fast approaching and temperatures in this desert region reaches near freezing point, there is an urgent requirement of blankets and sweaters for school going children. Currently all children from one group have been enrolled in various schools and an effort to distribute school uniform and stationary is in progress. Please request Rajasthan based ministers to help these Hindu refugees in terms of land donation .

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VHP Jodhpur Mahamantri – Shri. Bhawarlal Chowdary with other VHP members and volunteers at the donation event.

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Volunteers and local Hindu activists assisting in distributing Sweets & Firecrackers at Hindu refugees camp area.

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Request you and your organization (worldwide) to join this Hindu relief efforts . In case you or your organization would like to contribute towards this relief efforts monetarily or shipment of blankets, clothes, heath camps, ration please e-mail rahul.chandra@hmsamerica.org. Your organization will be provided receipts of purchase, photos & videos with associated press release thanking your donation contribution towards this Hindu relief effort. For more information, please visit this project website:

Source: Hindu Mahasabha of America