NYC demonstration against atrocities on Hindus by Islamist’s in Pakistan, Bangladesh

Hindu  West Alliance is organizing two demonstrations in New York city today, Saturday, Dec 5th starting at 1 PM EST, one on Islamic atrocities and another on biased Mother Teresa movie.   Please spread the word.

Demonstration 1 – against atrocities on Hindus by Islamists in Pakistan, Bangla Desh etc.:
Where:           Union Square near the fountain,  14th St and Union Square West
When:            1 PM EST on Saturday Dec 5th
Details:          See below
Demonstration 2 – against Movie on Mother Teresa portraying Hindus as fundamentalists (see flyer below):
Where:             AMC Theater on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue
When:              3:30 PM EST on Saturday Dec 5th
Details:            See flyer below
All details are given below.
Background on Demonstration 1:

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WHERE: NYC, UNION SQUARE, NEAR THE FOUNTAIN – 14th Street & Union Square West

WHEN: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 2015 @ 2pm

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By Adity Sharma and Vincent Bruno

Nations across the European Union territories are stepping up security. The reason is simple. The Islamic State (ISIS) has once again demonstrated cruelty and evil in its purest form. Three suicide attacks and shootings, primarily located in the Bataclan and Stade De France of Paris, left around 130 people dead. The attacks have left the Western world shocked. Chilling comparisons have been made to the 2008 Mumbai attacks in India where more than 170 people lost their lives after the bombing of twelve public and civilian institutions, this time by a different Islamist organization by the name of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a group which sprung from the Islamic State of Pakistan. The Mumbai attacks were similar to those in Paris in that both nations are socially and politically liberal countries which allow the influx of Islamic immigrants into their borders, providing these people freedom of religion and economic opportunities. The generosity of India and the West is however not reciprocated by any Islamic State on earth, where non-Muslims experience institutional discrimination, second class citizenship, rape and genocide. The conversation has frozen at drawing the comparisons between the two attacks in Paris and Mumbai, but there is more that needs to be said. What the Western world needs to realize is that Hindus have been the victims of Islamic terrorism for 1200 years, but Hindus have also fought and won against this terrorism. Europeans also need to remember that they have a history of being colonized by Islam, as well as fighting off this colonization, and hence the West and Hindus are natural military and intelligence allies when it comes to thwarting Islamization.


Islamic terrorism, better described as Jihad (Islamic Holy War) is nothing new to Europe.  Besides the most recent attacks in Paris, modern Europe has experience many lethal Islamic terror attacks in the past 30 years,  including the 1985 El Descanso bombing in Madrid, the 1995 Paris Metro bombings, the March 2004 bombings of commuter trains in Madrid (191 killed), the July 2005 London bombings (52 killed), and the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris where 12 people were killed due to their satirical cartoon depictions of Muhammad (the magazine made similar depictions of other religious figures).

Now modern people (perhaps for good reason) have come to be suspicious of organized terror attacks, perceiving that perhaps, just perhaps, there could be a hidden element orchestrating these events to cause tension for political aims, with either Globalists, Far-Right Groups, Apocalyptic Christians or Zionists being the suspected culprits.  Whatever the validity of these claims might be, “conspiracy theorists” must confront the reality that Islamic conquest took place in Europe centuries earlier, long before these suspicious elements existed or had the ability to orchestrate their conspiracies on a large scale. Violent invasion of Europe by Muslim armies began in 711 when the Islamic Umayyad Empire began conquering what is now Spain and advanced into France by 732.  Muslim rule lasted in the Iberian Peninsula until 1492. However, Arab and Berber Muslims captured Sicily earlier than this, in 652, where they established an Islamic government and ruled over the people until they were finally expelled in 1072. After the Islamization of the Ottoman Empire, Eastern Europe was subjected to waves of Islamic conquest and invasion, and the non-Muslims of much of the European portion of Ukraine and Russia fell under the dominion of the Islamic Turks and Tartars, a situation which lasted from the 13thto the 15th century.

While modern so-called “secular”, so-called “liberal” education has left the people of Europe, America and Australia believing that only the “white man” has colonized and enslaved others, these disingenuous institutions which do not live up to their name rarely educate the public about the injustices of Islamic rule in Europe.  Muslim Law is known as Sharia, and when non-Muslims fall under its jurisdiction they become subject to many injustices.  Islamic Law in Sicily was particularly documented, where non-Muslims were forced to pay special taxes designed to remind them of their subjugated status (the Jizya tax); non-Muslims often had to wear special clothes, their houses could not be taller than Muslim houses, and their religious iconography and institutions either had to be hidden or had to be diminutive in comparison to Islamic art and architecture.

But nothing was worse than the Institution of Islamic slavery and sex slavery visited upon the Europeans.  From the 16th to the 19thcentury, an estimated 1.25 million European slaves were kidnapped by Muslim traders and sold into the Muslim world.  Many of these slaves were young girls who became sex slaves to Muslims rulers.  Slaves were taken from Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Russia and the Netherlands. So extensive were Islamic slave raids that Irish villages had to move away from the shores to avoid their daughters being captured.  The modern Islamic sex slave trade continues today, now in Iraq where young girls of the Ezidi religion are daily kidnapped and sold naked in the markets of ISIS controlled territories, the same fate awaits young Christian and indigenous girls kidnapped by the Islamist organization Boko Haram in Africa. Above this, while it is estimated that Muslims enslaved 10 to 20 million Africans from 650 – 1900, now, today, it is estimated that millions of African slaves are held captive by Arab Muslim slavers in nations such as Mali and Mauritania.


Now we must come to the practical matter of the issue, how can Hinduism and the West work together to fight Islamization? While the West continues to be the economic and military might of the world, they must admit they have experienced a weakening of their social and political currency as of late.  20th century colonialism (which negatively affected India) is today used as a bully stick by Islamists and Leftists alike (often in alliance with one another) to silence any criticism of Islamization in the West. The West’s previous slavery, racism and oppression as well as current wars in the Middle East are spotlighted, and these past and present injustices are then used to justify, excuse and/or explain Islamic aggression.  Indeed, when events like the terror attacks in Paris take place, Western institutions and media begin looking for a “root cause” which is not founded in Islamic ideology but caused by some social ill caused by the West itself. The West’s current mentality leans toward believing that Islamic terrorism is only a reaction against perceived injustices, real or imagined. Yet when the west turns its eye toward the history between Hindus and Muslims, they can begin to see that Islamic terrorism existed before and outside of Western colonialism and current intrigues.

While the West has admitted their fault in the genocide of the Native Americans and Aboriginals of Australia (events which took place after European Christianization), the Hindus of South East Asia cannot be blamed for committing the same crimes. Whatever ills the public square can try to heap upon Hindus, we cannot be accused of installing any sort of megalithic tyranny.  Prior to the arrival of Islam, the Hindus were rather self-contained in the region spreading from Afghanistan to Indonesia.  Hindus were known to the world as good trading partners, but never were we viewed as some sort of threat, much less as conquerors. When Muhammad founded the Islamic religion near 600AD, his people could claim no gripes against the Hindus.  Indeed, it should be noted that before the arrival of Islam, the Arabs were not known as expansionist conquerors either.   However, soon after the advent of the Muslim religion, newly converted tribes of Muslims turned from trading partners with the Hindus into violent oppressors.

Trading routes to India were accessible to the Pagan peoples of Arabia and Persia previous to their conversion, and so analysis that Islamic conquest of South Asia was merely economic or a continuation of previous conquest is disingenuously illogical.  The difference between the more mercantile Arabs, Persians and Turks of the pre-Islamic period and those of the Islamic period was a difference of ideology… they had begun to live off of a religion based in pure hatred of so-called “polytheists” and “idolaters”. It is a well-known fact that previous to Muhammad’s conquest of Mecca, it was a vibrant pluralistic society where many forms of god were worship. Islamic texts state that the Kabba center was home to some 360 idols of the Arab pagan gods. Yet within a matter of a few short years, the multicultural religion of Arabia was decimated, its temples destroyed, its priests, priestesses and faithful either executed or enslaved. From the Quranic injunctions listed below, we can see how and why Muhammad and his Muslim followers first destroyed and executed the Pagans of Arabia and Persia before turning their wrath upon the Hindus.

“When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.” – Quran 9:5

GOD does not forgive idolatry, but He forgives lesser offenses for whomever He wills. Anyone who sets up idols beside GOD, has forged a horrendous offense. – Quran 4:48


GOD does not forgive idol worship (if maintained until death), and He forgives lesser offenses for whomever He wills. Anyone who idolizes any idol beside GOD has strayed far astray. – Quran 4:116

What you will read next is a short and certainly not exhaustive rendition of the bloody history of Islamic invasion in South Asia, the Jihad on Hindus if you will.  What the reader should keep in mind is that at the time of these invasions, genocides, mass rapes and injustices, there was no America, there were no Globalists, and Hindus were not nor never were imperialistic oppressors.  The following bloodshed was simply the logical extension of what Islam had already reaped upon the Pagan Arabs, Persians and Turkish Ottomons.  For the West it should serve as a lens into the nature of Islam, that it is a religion which needs no excuse to wreak terrorism upon innocent people, and that attempts to blame modern terrorism entirely upon the West is an obfuscation. This is intellectual ammunition, use it!


Antagonism against Hindus within their own native lands has a long and bloody history reaching back more than 700 years. Islam of course did not exist in the Indian subcontinent untill Muhammad bin Qasim’s (aka Mahmud of Ghazni) Arab army attacked Sindh (present day Pakistan) in 711. After repeated invasions, Hindus lost present day Afghanistan to Muslims in 987. The major Islamic invasion which took place in the early 1200s established the Mughal Empire and ruled the Indian subcontinent for two centuries, taking the lives of 80 Million indigenous Hindus and enslaving countless more.

After Mahmud of Ghazni’s reign of terror and iconoclasm ended, the territory now known as Afghanistan became almost completely void of its Hindu inhabitants. A mountain range in Afghanistan is now called the Hindu Kush, (Hindu slaughter). Historians believe that this is due to the millions of Hindu men, women, and children who died on their way to Central Asia as slaves. Aurangzeb, a Muslim ruler in India, made it an official State policy to destroy Hindu places of worship such as the Vishwanath Temple at Varanasi and the Somnath Temples, prohibited public religious gatherings by Hindus, and offered cash prizes to those Hindus who converted to Islam. Hindu priests were systematically burned to death on pyres for refusing to convert to Islam. Muslim rulers in India imposed the Jizya, a discriminatory tax on non-Muslims with the intent of weakening the non-Muslims economically.

Tipu Sultan, another Muslim ruler in India, is notorious for launching a surprise attack on a tribe of Hindus in Malabar in Kerala, killing around 500, and displacing more than 70,000. He was also known for forcibly converting Hindus with the goal of establishing Islamic rule. Contrary to popular belief, the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989 was not the first demonstration of religious intolerance. In the 14th century, Muslim rulers proscribed anyone except for Muslims to reside in Kashmir; they ordered the desecration and destruction of Hindu Temples, and breaking Hindu idols was widespread. Around 80 million Hindus have been killed in the Jihad against India that began in 1000A.D.

But one may contend that we should let bygones be bygones, and focus on the present. Indeed, this is the sensible thing to do, if the moment of truth and reconciliation actually transpired between the aggressor and the victim. But thus far, this moment has not arrived.


After Islamic invasions, the native Hindu population eventually regained much of their lands under the direction of such heroes as Shivaji Bhosale who established the Hindu Maratha Empire. But due to the weakening effect of warding off Islamic Imperialism, the subcontinent eventually fell to British Colonialism in the Mid 1800s. Once again under Hindu leadership the British were repelled and forced to return the Subcontinent to the indigenous population. However, remnants of the previous Islamic Imperium resurged under many different Islamist parties such as the All India Muslim League and demanded the subcontinent be divided along Muslim-Hindu lines. This lead to the 1947 Partition of India which divided the subcontinent into the Union of India (secular nation) and the Dominion of Pakistan (Muslim nation). In 1946, the Muslim League that demanded a separate Muslim nation carved out of India began a Direct Action Day in Calcutta, where Muslim mobs roamed the streets killing and looting Hindus. In 72 hours beginning in August 16, 1946, more than 4,000 people lost their lives. This set the stage for the modern genocide of Hindus at the hands of Islamists in South East Asia.


In 1947, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was forcibly carved out of India. The Hindu population was 25% of Pakistan at that time; at present, due to pogroms and forced migrations, the Hindu population of Pakistan is now less than 2%. Every year, 1000 or more Hindu and other minority adolescent girls are kidnapped, converted, and married off to Muslim men or sold as sex slaves. This is done to cleanse Pakistan of the remaining minority population. State produced textbooks continue to malign Hindus as the natural enemies of Islam and the nation. Hindu temples are routinely attacked and demolished without recompense. Intellectuals who speak out against the Islamist regime are “disappeared”, never heard from again. Because Pakistan is by its own definition an Islamic nation, constitutional amendments make it almost impossible for Hindus to hold any public office. This is in sharp contrast to India, where Muslims have enjoyed liberties that they cannot dream of experiencing in any Islamic country.


In 1971, India liberated East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh from the atrocities and oppression of the Pakistani army which was conducting a genocide against the Hindus and secularized Muslims there. By the end of the Bangladesh Liberation War, some 2.5 Million Hindus had been genocided and more than 200,000 Hindu women were raped. At present, the Hindu population in Bangladesh has dropped to around 7% from its original 35% at the time of partition in 1946, and continues to see diminution. Hindus in Bangladesh are subjected to daily acts of terrorism. From 2013-2015, hundreds of Hindu temples, homes and businesses were burnt to the ground by Muslim mobs. The Enemy Property Act allows Bangladesh’s Government to appropriate land and moveable property belonging to Hindus. This has included Hindu Temples, which, if not destroyed by Islamists, have fallen prey to this Act. Hindu girls and women are routinely abducted, raped, converted to Islam, and married off to Muslim men.


In 2006, in the Muslim dominated city of Shah Alam, Malaysia, a Hindu Temple, more than half a century old and which served 1,000 people was demolished. Some Hindus living in Malaysia have told human rights groups that one Temple is demolished every three weeks. Laws in Malaysia are slanted towards a compulsion to convert to Islam.


Before the Islamic conquests of Afghanistan, the territory was home to variegated Pagan beliefs including Hinduism. During the Taliban rule, Hindus were made to wear yellow badges and Hindu women had to wear a burqa. At present, the Hindu population in Afghanistan is less than 1,000, who reside primarily in Kabul. In 2013, the Parliament in Afghanistan refused to reserve seats for religious minorities who it did not see as “vulnerable.”

India (Kashmir Issue)

During this time of partition, Kashmir was a Hindu Kingdom with some aspiration of self-rule outside of Socialist India or Islamic Pakistan.  However, due to violent attacks by Pakistani armed forces and Pashtun tribesmen, for its own safety, Kashmir eventually decided to legally accede to India in 1947. Pakistan, however, continues to occupy about 35% of the region, India governs approximately half, and China occupies the remainder. Islamic aggression and attacks on the part of Pakistan began to deplete the Hindu population of Kashmir as many Hindus were either killed or fled the region.  Yet the largest exodus of Hindus from their native lands in Kashmir happened only some 25 years ago when Pakistani sponsored Islamic militants drove out some 300,000 Hindus from their homes and villages, cleansing the valley of more than 95% of its Hindu inhabitants. This massive displacement was accompanied by random killings, tortures and rapes on the part of the Islamic aggressors. 25 years later, Kashmiri Hindus have not yet been recognized as Internally Displaced Persons by the Indian government, or safely rehabilitated back to their homes in the Kashmir Valley. Thousands still live in camps in Jammu and New Delhi, suffer from ongoing mental and emotional trauma, and are economically and politically marginalized. Hindus who dared to remain in Kashmir face a deteriorating security situation as Pakistan-supported terrorist violence increases. Sectarian clashes between the native Hindus and Imperialist Muslims has led to at least two deaths and the destruction of over 100 Hindu-owned businesses. The State Government of Kashmir has failed to enact long pending legislation in 2013 to protect and preserve Hindu temples and shrines in Kashmir, despite the ongoing encroachments and illegal sales of temple properties in the State. Over 100 temples have been illegally occupied since 1989.


                while North America, Europe and Australia may have military and economic might, they still need allies they can trust in Asia, as well as migrants they can trust on their shores.  It has so far been the policies of these powers to fight Islamic tyrannies in Asia by arming and training competing Muslim groups.  However, time and time again, this strategy has turned on the West when these very guns and munitions are eventually turned on Westerners themselves. What the West has failed to realize is that plain corruption is not the problem, you cannot end the reign of one Islamic terror regime by arming a different faction of Muslims, because the nature of Islam is tyranny and terrorism and so the guns will always eventually point in this direction. Further still, the West continues to import, education and employ Muslim migrants.  A percentage of these men and women who now have scientific training and an inside view of the West either return to their nations of origin to help their regimes destroy the West, or they work from the inside as Trojan horse espionage agents.

However, there is one nation in Asia which has no history of turning its weaponry on the West nor does its diaspora engage in covert operations to tear down the West from the inside.  India is home to more than 800 million Hindus, with millions of Hindus and Hindu converts living in the diaspora in North America, Europe and Australia.  India itself is having trouble with its own 172 million Muslims, who carry out daily acts of terrorism, covert political treason and social subversion (in tandem with their leftist accomplices). India’s problem with growing Islamization is exacerbated by the fact that it is flanked on either side by unstable and aggressive Islamic neighbors, namely Pakistan and Bangladesh; it must also contend with the encroachment of Communist China. The armament of Indian Hindus would serve to check these forces in South Asia at least, and the West should take note that Pakistan (the greatest enemy of Indian Hindus) is one of the world’s leaders in exporting terrorism. Additionally, it is no accident that Hindus have achieved the highest education and economic status of all religious groups in the United States, they are hardworking and appreciate knowledge (the name of our holybooks, the Vedas means knowledge).  Educated and empowered Hindus in the West, along with their Hindu Convert brethren, do not take their training back to nefarious regimes or conspire to topple the West from within, we are not the type to bite the hand that feeds us. The Caribbean with its .25 million Hindus and the sizeable Hindu populations of Africa, Oceania, the Indian Ocean islands and Fiji must also not be overlooked in creating a Hindu-West military and intelligence combine.


It should be duly noted here that many Westerners and Hindus alike will protest that while Islam may have indeed invaded Europe and committed such atrocities there, that the counter to this was the iniquities of the Churches and that “two wrongs don’t make a right”.  Modern people of European extraction are all too familiar with Church injustices such as witch burnings, library burnings, and the dreaded Catholic Inquisition. Indeed our intelligentsia correctly points out that modern Western secularism was born of Europe’s reaction against the deep injustices brought upon the people of Europe by Church governments. On this point both cogent minded Westerns and Hindus can agree.  Westerners do not need to feel as though to fights Islam they must support Christianity, after all, Europeans can admit that their indigenous religions were not Christian but were those of the ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, ancient Celts, Slavs, Norse and so on.

The West, its legal system, culture and philosophy borrows heavily from these original traditions, traditions which are in continuum with Vedic Hinduism. It is no accident that India and the West share similar values such as social liberalism, tolerance and pluralism… it is because we both come from the same historical and religious foundation. Unlike the Islamic world, the West has the moral high ground in that they overthrew their Church governments because of an internal sense of moral outrage; they struggled to modify their nations to better reflect their native mentality. The West that attracts people from around the world is the West imagined by the Greek philosophers and reconstructed by the Enlightenment and Renaissance. It is this native mentality which Westerners can strongly assert as superior to Islamization, it is also a mentality where they can meet eye to eye with Hindus.

It is no accident that progressive minded Westerners enjoy books and movies about the old culture, such as Thor and Hercules. Despite deep condemnation from the Vatican and Protestant institutions alike, the Western imagination gravitates toward stories such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, mediums which demonstrate a distinctive pre-Christian/post-Christian ethos. Yet in their hearts Westerners know that they cannot counter the threat of Islam by retreating in fantasy.  The problem is that the wisdom born of the West, its original holy books and practices were wiped away with the arrival of Christianity, and thus while the West has done much to reconstruct its old traditions, it suffers from spiritual anemia. Hitherto, the West has believed that its ancient vitality has been lost forever, yet they fail to realize that the word Indo-European exists for a reason.

Indo-European is a term used academically to describe the relatedness of languages which extends from the Indian sub-continent, up through Afghanistan and Iran, and reaches up through Europe up into Scandinavia.  Rarely is it ever mentioned though that these groups and cultures not only share a commonality of language, they also share a commonality of religion.  The main holybooks of the Hindu religion are the four Vedas.  If Europeans read these books, without being told they were of Hindu origins, they would think they were reading tales spun of the same cloth as those of Greece’s Jason and the Argonauts or the Germanic Beowulf. Verily, one of the last remaining holybooks of the ancient Norse religions, the Eddas, are very similar in theme and tone to the Vedas, and some have not missed that “Eddas” is just “Vedas” without the V! While defenders of Western civilization may recognize that their old religion has faded beyond resurrection, they will also find that the religion of the Vedas is very much intact.  Indeed, the West will find that it can relieve its social, moral and historical anemia brought on by the Dark Ages by imbibing the Vedas.

Lastly, it should be noted here that Hindus are quite aware of the modern stereotype of Hindus being pacifists, a group of people content to allow themselves to suffer any injustice as they escape into a world of meditation.  It has not escaped the minds of the writers of this article that some Westerners may find the idea of militarized Hindus to be laughable, but that is only because the West only knows the India of the 20th century, a nation which was deeply wounded after centuries of cultural, psychological and military invasion.  The holy books of the Hindus, the Vedas, are an ethic for a strong and militant society.  Indeed, it was this strong warrior ethic which allowed Shivaji Bhonsle Raj to oust the Islamic Mughal Empire form India and reestablish Hindu rule under his Martha Empire.  However, millions of warriors died in defending the Hindu nation, and it was due to this mass bloodletting that the Hindus became vulnerable to British invasion.  Furthermore, with the rise of new religions in India such as Buddhism and Sikhism, the Vedas began to be denigrated and forgotten, and so the ancient warrior spirit began to be sapped from the people. Yet the 21st century is seeing a return to Vedic ideals and the ancient warrior spirit is awakening in Indians, Hindus in the diaspora and Hindu converts.  It is this Vedic idealism which seeks an alliance with the West in body and spirit.


The lists above present merely a snapshot of some of the discriminations Hindus have faced over the centuries, but also their triumphs. These lists have not delved into the blood-soaked details of the many massacres, and depravities committed against Hindus my Islam. Because of the mainstream media’s insistence on disseminating vicious canards regarding incidents such as the Gujarat riots of 2002, and painting Prime Minister Modi as some kind of fascistic sadist, the fact that Hindus are an invaluable ally in the fight against radical Islam has been entirely swept under the rug. While most of Europe and the U.S. realized the global threat of Islamism, Hindus have been actively fighting this menace for centuries. It is worth noting that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or any of the terrorist offshoot organizations were not involved in the historical enormities against Hindus. Moreover, ISIS is not currently operating in India; then who is behind blatant discriminatory laws and flagrant atrocities against Hindus?  This is not a problem with ISIS, or Al-Qaeda, it’s a problem with Islam.  The West has been made to think that it cannot criticize Islam, because that would be “racist”, xenophobic, or simply a guise for neo-colonialism.  However, when the West joins its voice and arms with those of Hindus, these accusations against the dual power just don’t stick.  Hindus are not just Indians, they come from every race and background on earth, and they are well educated and well financed. Hindus in India and the West are eager to save their lives and their lands from a second Islamic tyranny, we are reliable partners in the war against Islam. There is no clash of civilizations here, there is simply the rebuilding of an ancient pan Indo-European culture, an empire which has been slumbering all these long years, but now knows it is time to awaken. ​

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