O Hindus, launch an independent political party for protection of nation and Dharma ! H.H. Dr. Athavale

P. P. Dr. Athavale

P. P. Dr. Athavale

Most of the established political parties like Indian National Congress, Samajwadi Party, Janata Dal (United), Trinamool Congress, Marxists’ communist parties etc. are secular which means anti-Hindu and pro-minority parties. BJP which was calling itself as a pro-Hindu party so far, has also become  secular now; therefore, in Bharat where Hindus are in majority, there is not a single national party to take care of Hindus’ interests. Few examples are given below of attacks on Hindu Dharma in States governed by BJP.

In 2013, BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh did not allow Hindus to perform ‘puja’ on the annual festival day celebrated in Sri Saraswati Mandir at Dhar as it fell on Friday and Muslims were brought to this temple under police protection for reading ‘namaz’. Police even cane-charged Hindus at that time.
In BJP governed Goa State, cow-slaughtering is taking place on large scale in illegal slaughter houses by smuggling cows. Pro-Hindu activists opposing to cow-slaughter, were beaten up by Muslims in front of police; still police filed false cases against Hindus and removed obstacles in slaughtering of cows.

  1. In Karnataka State, the number of temples demolished during BJP regime were much more than in Congress regime; therefore, BJP drew wrath of Hindus and had to lose power due to internal conflicts, selfishness and politics of division.

It is better not to think about oppression of Hindus in States ruled by secular parties ! On the whole, even in BJP-led States, Hindus are displeased with BJP and are thinking about voting for Congress; not because Congress is capable but because they do not want BJP. Hindus should not, however, forget that they would be voting for Congress which has been trying hard to eliminate Hindus, for the past 66 years of independence.

Hindus should realize that Congress, BJP or other political parties have not done anything for protection of nation and Dharma so far and won’t do anything even in future and should now launch a separate party for welfare of Hindus and work hard to get it elected from all States of India.’

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat