If India becomes a Hindu nation, it will benefit Nepal ! -Dr. Nirmal Mani

Shri. Ramesh Shinde, HJS felicitating Dr. Nirmal Mani Adikari

Panvel (Maharashtra) : People of Nepal were feeling that Nepal was a Hindu nation; but recently, Nepal was declared as a secular country and people realized the truth. There are some Christian and Muslim organizations working in Nepal which are trying to take people away from Hindu Dharma. It is, therefore, necessary to create awareness amongst people of Nepal. Such awareness needs to be created at physical, mental and spiritual level. If Hindu Rashtra is established in India, it will benefit even Nepal. Presently, people are trying to establish Hindu Rashtra in Nepal. If awareness is created amongst all regarding need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra, what will be its benefits etc., everyone will sincerely strive for establishment of Hindu nation. The above views were expressed by Dr. Nirmal Mani Adhikari, the Chief of Mass Communications Department at Kathmandu University; during his visit to Sanatan’s Devad ashram on 29th December.

Dr. Adhikari was felicitated by Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on this occasion and was presented Sanatan’s holy books and CDs on the subject of ‘sadhana’. Shri. Alok Lamsal accompanying Dr. Adhikari was also felicitated by Shri. Shinde. Shri. Lamsal is a graduate in mass communications.

Dr. Nirmal Adhikari, the Chief of Mass Communications, Kathmandu University is engaged in propagation of Hindu Dharma at international level, through writing articles, thesis, books etc.

Shri. Arvind Pansare of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ interviewed Dr. Nirmal Mani Adhikari, the Chief of Mass Communications, Kathmandu University. The views expressed by Dr. Adhikari are given below in his own words.

My parents inculcated religious culture in me so I was inclined towards spirituality from my childhood. I read books published by Geeta Press when I was small. I used to like the pictures printed in their special issues. I used to attend all religious programs held in my village. My father did not want me to study like an ordinary student; but he wanted me to go beyond such education; acquire knowledge about Dharma and propagate; therefore, I tried to do that. I am educated in science faculty; but since my childhood, I liked spirituality due to spiritual sanskars. Now, I am also working for establishment of Hindu Rashtra through journalism, studies and unification of Hindus.

Before  coming into journalism, I got associated with it through my poems published in newspapers; then I started writing on Hindu Dharma. I was invited to be an Editor by local newspapers considering my writings. Initially, I used to write only in 4-5 newspapers about Hindutva, Hindu Dharma etc. when I realized that I would have to write books if I wanted to communicate with people by writing extensively on any subject and writing only in newspapers would not be enough; therefore, I started writing books instead of writing in newspapers since past 6-7 years. On realizing that research articles on Hindu Dharma would have to be written if Hindu Dharma is to be propagated at international level, I started writing research papers from the year 2008.

I used to think about how to spread Hindu Dharma even while I was studying science; even when I worked as an Editor, I had the thoughts about Hindutva only. Later, I started studying journalism. My colleague used to say where would I find Hindutva in journalism ? But I did not get depressed and carried on with my efforts of propagation of Hindutva. Nowadays, I am thinking of spreading principles of Hindu Dharma by using modern technology; e.g. using computer, laptop, internet etc.; but these media will be used for study of Hindu Dharma only. Hindu Dharma encompasses all subjects; therefore, it should be spread all over the world. With this thought, I have been writing thesis. In my essays, I try to explain at international level that books related to Hindu culture are not only worth reading but there is information and knowledge about all subjects in Hindu Dharma.

Before coming to India, I met Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). It is said that those with similar ideologies gel quickly; therefore, my first meeting with Pu. Pingale resulted in developing closeness. We had long discussions on Hindu Dharma. He said that our goal is the same although we are working at different places and he extended invitation to me to visit Sanatan Sanstha’s ashram in case I visited India. Accordingly, I have come to Sanatan ashram and am very happy about it. Had I not met Pu. Pingale kaka before coming to India, I would not have the fortune of learning about Sanatan’s activities so closely !

After coming here in the morning, I am not feeling that I have met you all only since short while but I feel as if I know all of you for many years. I feel closeness with all of you. I had spiritual experience after coming here.

Sanatan’s activities are abounding, expansive and from gross to subtle which include establishment of Hindu Rashtra so also attaining liberation, becoming a Saint etc. Sanatan gives all guidance about how a person, family and society should behave. I got a chance to observe Vedic traditions after coming here.

Secularism has traveled to Nepal from India. Whatever happens in India, will have its effect on Nepal and whatever changes take place in Nepal, will have repercussions in India; therefore, all organizations engaged in protection of nation and Hindu Dharma should work with unity.  Every organisation may have a different style of working; but the goal is same. There has to be a common platform for all organizations. There are many topics needing attention in the country. If few topics are selected and work is carried out with unity, its outcome will be better.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat