OFBJP Canada: NaMo Chai’ makes Waves in Ontario for Modi as Prime Minister of India

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Central committee Advisor                                            Press release (April 9, 2014)

Dr. Rajesh Shukla

Shukla_rajesh@hotmail.com                    ‘NaMo Chai’ makes Waves in Ontario for Modi as Prime Minister

              Convenors                                                                                         of India

       Dr. Azad K. Kaushik

     Dr. Shivendra Dwivedi                              The Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janta Party (OFBJP) Toronto

          Sh. Shiv Bhasker                                   chapter’s compaign for Narendra Modi of BJP as the next Prime

         Dr. Ashok Kumar                                          Minister of India is making waves in the community through

        Sh. Aditya  Tawatia                            discussions at ‘NaMo Tea’ that began from Guelph (Parth Pandya)and

          Shri Pankaj Dave                                 moved to Oakville (Bharat Kapoor) followed by Scarborough. In

         Sh. Raman Chopra                     cominhg weeks, such events are planned in Brampton and Misissauga.


        (Parliamentary and                         The Scarborough NaMo Tea was hosted by Narender Chavda where

        Legislature affairs)                      over hundred families participated and engaged in intense discussions


Steering Committee that included,  corruption-free India; Swami Vivekananda’s dream for Ofbjp.canada@gmail.com the land of origin of Dharma; purification of politics; stability and

      Sh. Naresh K. Chavda                       transparency in governance; peace and tranquility; eliminating

      Dr. Keshav Agnihotri                         terrorism from the Indian soil; respect for people of Indian origin in

          Dr. Vijay Dobhal                           India and abroad; strengthening of economy, culture, education and

          Shri Anil Shringi                            national defense; respect for India in the comity of nations etc. The

            Dr. Ajay Singh                             event was marked by an overwhelming participation of children, youth

            Sh. Vipul Jani                              and women alike. Where ‘NaMo’ tea flowed freely, though banned in

          Sh. Naresh Patel                              India by the Election commission as it was seen as “bribe to the

      Sh. Kaushikbhai Patel                        voters”. The program began with chanting of ‘Gayatri mantra’ and

           Shri Ashokbhai                           address by Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Member, Central Committee of the BJP,

           Sh. Dhirenbhai                               who focused on the deteriorated stae of economy. Dr. Azad Kaushik,

         Dr. M. P. Chaubey                            Convenor of OFBJP Toronto, asked the members of the community to

   Dr. Yogendra P. Chaubey                        take a ledge to ensure victory for BJP so that Shri Narendra Modi can

     Sh. Mahendra Dwivedi                       take the reins of the nation and restore the glory of the great nation that

           Sh. C. B. Singh                                    taught spirituality and Dharma to the world. He announced Shri

          Sh. Yogesh Patel                             Naresh Patel as the Co-ordinator of Scarborough chapter of OFBJP

        Dr. Umanath Tiwari                           Canada who was decorated by a pin by Shri Anil Shringi. The

Sh. Vinod Dargan leadership of Shri Rajnath Singh President of BJP in ensuring ensuring Dr. Laxmi Shankar Dubey support for BJP in the central elections was much applauded. The

            Sh. Jack Uppal                                notable participants at NaMo Tea discussions included Shri Pankaj

          Dr. Shiv Chopra                           Dave, Shri Vipul Jani (Gujarat Abroad), Shri Parthi Kandavel (Tamil

Sh. Atul K. Garg TV), Dr. Sitansu Chakravarti, Parikshat Verma (Hindu Today TV), Sh. Chandrakanth Arya Shri Ramesh Aggarwal. The participants will actively call at least fifty  friends or families in India to vote for BJP and elect a government led  by Narendra Modi, a harbinger of hope in the dismal scenario of  decade-long misgovernance and unprecedented loot. Colonel V K  Sharma of OFBJP Canada is in India currently to assist with the  elections and co-ordinate on issues concerning PIOs/NRIs. The NaMo

Tea has gone so popular that these are being organized in Vancouver, www.ofbjpcanada.org

twitter.com/OFBJPCanada; www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005746511366

Ottawa and Montreal. Shri Vijay Jolly, International Convenor of the OFBJP movement pointed out that ‘NaMo’ is a global phenomenon in support of BJP from Hongkong to Lagos to New York. Dr. Keshav Agnihotri, spokesman for OFBJP has announced that next event is planned by Kaushikbhai Patel in Brampton.

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twitter.com/OFBJPCanada; www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005746511366