Some suggestions for the long term management of the disasters in Uttarakhand

vhpa_logoSome suggestions for the long term management of the disasters in Uttarakhand

★ Shift focus of administration – make Gairsain a summer capital on the patterns of J & K. The hills will not get importance for development till the government seat is also shifted there
★ Roads in main valleys should be above ridge lines
★ Tunneling methods on the patterns of the Banihal tunnel be used to connect places and shorten the distances

★ Roads construction expert panel & monitoring system be established with the help of credible private construction companies like L & T

★ All weather communications including data systems management be properly established
★ Village defense and disaster teams should be set up, especially in the border areas under the army
★ Take help of highly experienced retired officers settled in Uttarakhand for making reconstruction plans and hold seminars to involve social sector in health, geology, wildlife, forests, economy, and administration
★ Adoption of villages be allowed by Army, NGOs, states. I have announced to adopt one village and similarly IMA Dehradun is keen to adopt one village
★ NDRF Organisation be properly reorganized, empowered, given a helicopter and its units be established in vulnerable locations under command of the Army
★ Enhance capacity – rescue, equipment, training, data, research, communications and command control
★ In border areas Ecology TA additional battalions should be raised under Army
★ Transport management and tagging – registration system be introduced in all Char Dham Yatras like China has done so that every vehicle and the passengers traveling are properly tagged and administration knows the quantum of people in these areas correctly
★ Development mode for these vulnerable areas be decided and implemented so that hazard and unplanned development is stopped. Nature’s protection and economic development must be balanced in a wholesome manner ★ Immediate attention on building infrastructure – accommodation, storage, heli-dromes, emergency helipads, fuel stocks, food stocks, and toilets
★ Establish a single unit State command authority16. Bring back seriousness to civil military liaison conferences so that confidential bills are in various arms of authorities.
★ Research team be sent immediately for making an implementable report for protecting monuments in Uttarakhand.
★ A memorial be erected for Kedarnath victims and heroes of rescue operation at Deoprayag/ Haridwar
★ Raising funds for reconstruction – people approach, involve a apolitical agency, people of repute
★ Arrangements for yatris, guidelines and precautions should be properly publicized and registration of yatris be made compulsory on the pattern of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
★ Winter and monsoon deployment of resources
★ Safety of banks and vaults be addressed
★ Chardham yatra authority should be re-organized like Vaishno Devi Yatra arrangement
★ Lay byes, convoy parking grounds, should be planned on the entire route of Yatra
★ Satellite tracking of weather be made a dedicated mechanism
★ Monitoring of water flow in rivers
★ Electrical crematoriums be established
★ Recovery posts & emergency relief stations
★ Adventure camps & parking be regularized
★ Maps be provided to all vehicle drivers and & training of taxi drivers, first aid box be made compulsory, Radio taxis should be introduced in these areas
★ Mule’s waste disposal, ban on plastics
★ Nepalese & outsiders settlements be discussed and a regularization system be introduced
★ Air control and weather monitoring stations be established in higher regions. Today air control system beyond Jollygrant Airport (Dehradun) is absent.
★ Separate relief mechanism for residents of Uttarakhand & non-residents should be created
★ One agency/command system should be operational 24 hrs/7 days for disaster management

Source: Hindu Vishwa