OFBJP Canada Toronto Presents memorandum for Dual Citizenship to Indian Diaspora


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Press Release September 10, 2014

OFBJP Canada Toronto Presents memorandum for Dual Citizenship to

Indian Diaspora

The Overseas Friends of BJP Canada, Toronto organized a seminar on ‘Dual

Citizenship’ for Indian diaspora on August 30, 2014, at the Burnhamthorpe

Community Centre, Mississauga.  The program began with ‘Jyoti Prajvalan’ and ‘Ganesh Vandana’ that was hosted by Anil Shringi.  The president of OFBJP Canada, Toronto Dr. Azad Kaushik welcomed the Chief Guest Honorable Mr.

Akhilesh Mishra, Dr. Rajesh Shukla and all the participants who took time on a Saturday morning on a long weekend to participate in the seminar. In his welcome note, Kaushik highlighted the role of Indian Diaspora throughout the world in advancing diverse fields due to their commitment and hard work.  Dr. Keshav Agnihotri and Mr. Naresh Chavda made informative and thoughtprovoking presentations on pros and cons of dual citizenship to Indian Diaspora. The discussions supported the need for dual citizenship to Indian Diaspora in a

globalized world facilitated by information technology and international ease of travel. At present, ninety countries, both developed and developing, allow dual citizenship. Mr. Tarun Khanna spoke about the aspirations of Indian Diaspora in a globalized economy and discussed about the ongoing online petition in support of dual citizenship. A panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Agnihotri where Dr. Shivendra Dwivedi (Montreal), Naresh Chavda, Chintan Bhavsar, Tarun Khanna and Naval Bajaj (Past President Indo-Canada Chamber of commerce) participated and discussed a number of questions raised by a dedicated audience to the cause of Indian diaspora.  A serious concern was raised about the consular services outsourced to BLS International Canada that caused much inconvenience and harassment to the community.  

Honorable Consul General Mr. Akhilesh Mishra was the chief guest on the occasion while Dr. Rajesh Shukla, of BJP Central Committee (India), presided on the occasion. In his keynote address, Mr. Akhilesh Mishra thoughtfully took into consideration the matters raised during the seminar and the panel discussion. Mr. Mishra took note of the concerns of the community with regard to services offered by the BLS International concerning poor quality of services. While Mr. Mishra appreciated the aspirations of Indian diaspora with regard to dual citizenship, he pointed out security concerns relevant to terrorist acts that originated from Canada, for example, Air India bombing. Mr. Mishra said that the Indian Consulate in Toronto has always gone the extra mile to help the community as evidenced by the facts and figures. He assured that all genuine matters of concern must be brought to his attention given his commitment to the community. Dr. Rajesh Shukla in his remarks assured support to Indian diaspora from the new government headed by Shri Narendra Modi in India. The OFBJP Canada Toronto Executive presented a memorandum to Mrs. Sushuma Swaraj,

Extending and Uniting hands of friendship


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Minister of External Affairs, in support of dual citizenship through Counsel General of India Mr.

Akhilesh Mishra and Dr. Rajesh Shukla of BJP Central Committee. 

The OFBJP Canada Toronto welcomed Mr. R. K. Perindia who recently joined the Indian

Consulate in Toronto. The OFBJP Canada recognized Mr. Binoy Thomas, Mr. Ravi Pandey, Mr. Ajit Jain, Usha Pudukkotai, Naresh Kumar Singh, Vipul Jani and Lalit Soni for their contributions to the community. On this occasion, Dr. Rajesh Shukla announced the launch of OFBJP Canada chapter in Toronto with Mr. Prabhu Mishra as the Convener. Mr. Pankaj Dave thanked all those who contributed to the success of the thoughtful seminar and hoped that such discussions in the community would prove helpful in the future.


Extending and Uniting hands of friendship


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Source: OFBJP Canada