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Barry NirmalBy Barry Nirmal
The recent statement of a leader of RSS, the ruling BJP’s ideological mentor, is interesting. At a function on August 10, 2014, RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat said, “The entire world recognizes Indians as Hindus; therefore India is a Hindu state. This is a very simple thing; if inhabitants of England are English, those of Germany are Germans and those of USA are Americans, then all those who live in Hindustan are known as Hindus.”

He also said, “The cultural identity of all Indians is Hindutva and the present inhabitants of the country are descendants of this great culture.” [1]

The truth of the matter is that there are a dozen countries where Islam is state religion. But there is not a single country where Hinduism is state religion. In fact it is very difficult to find a single Muslim country that is truly secular and truly respects all religions. In fact only one or two Islamic countries call themselves secular.

For example, Asghar Ali Engineer writes the following.

“Some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and others do reject secularism but all Muslim majority countries do not. For example, Indonesia does not reject secularism though its 85% population comprises of Muslims. However, by and large, it is true that many Muslim majority countries opt for Islamic state or at least make Islam as state religion.” [2]

There was only one country, Nepal, that was a Hindu country. But even that small country is becoming a secular state. India since its independence in 1947 declared itself a secular country and under the dark, dynastic rule of the Nehru-Gandhi family, Hinduism was suppressed and appeasement of the Muslim minority continued unabated. This appeasement for securing Muslim votes resulted in a situation where 300,000 Hindus had to flee their homes in Kashmir when Islamic terrorists aided and armed by Pakistan started their violent insurgency in 1990.

This appeasement of the Muslim minority has reached such a zenith that a Muslim politician from Hyderbad, Akbaruddin Owaisi who is now a member of parliament in Delhi, has spoken very derogatory words about Hindu gods.

In April 2012, Owaisi made derogatory and demeaning comments against Hindu god Rama and his mother Kaushalya. Owaisi asked, “Where did Ram’s mother go wandering and where did she give birth to him”.[3] [4] This was met with loud cheers from the audience.[3]

Owaishi also said that in a war between India and Pakistan, the Indian Muslims would support Pakistan.

The greatest danger facing Hindus today is the prospect of Hindus becoming a minority in their own country. This is because the conversion of Hindus to other religions in India continues and the Muslims are having more babies while Hindus have stopped having large families. Muslims have political power in India and they have been allowed to dominate Bollywood, which is the greatest cultural institution in India.

So, a day is not far off when Hindus will become a minority in India and there will not be a single country in the world that calls itself Hindu.

This will remind us of the period at the turn of the twentieth century when the Jews were scattered all around Europe. A few of them lived in India and a few in the Middle East. In Europe they had faced discrimination over the past many centuries. In the Middle East, when Islam took over country after country after the birth of Islam, the Jews were forced out of their homes and left for safe havens.

Finally the Jews realized that they needed a country of their own, a country that called itself Jewish and defended them. This gave birth to the ideology of Zionism which culminated in the establishment of the Zionist state of Israel in 1948. Israel would not have come into existence without the help of great powers like United States and Britain. But the Zionist leaders were successful in befriending the great Christian powers with whose help they established their own country.

The Hindus in India have not learnt from this lesson of the Jews. They are complacent in their belief that India will continue to remain a Hindu majority country. They are ignoring the danger signs and it is possible that it may be too late when the Hindus finally wake up from their slumber and realize that their very existence is in great danger.

Hindus continue to ape the ways of the West. They continue to belittle their own great traditions and culture. This is evident from the fact that a porn star has become a respected actress of Bollywood.

In USA, Canada and Europe, some Hindu groups like the BAPS Swami Narayan Sanstha are spending huge sums of money to build temples that are dazzling works of art. In Vrindavan, India, the Prem Mandir built by the followers of Late Kripalu Maharaj, is also an example of extravagant projects. These Hindu leaders have forgotten their own history. They have forgotten that when the Mughals attacked India, they found the most beautiful temples in Mathura, Benares and Ayodhya. They burnt these temples with fire and acid.

Only a few examples from history would suffice. The Kesava Deo temple in Mathura, marked the place that Hindus believe was the birthplace of Shri Krishna. In 1661 Aurangzeb ordered the demolition of the temple, and constructed the Katra Masjid mosque. Traces of the ancient Hindu temple can be seen from the back of the mosque. Aurangzeb also destroyed what was the most famous temple in Varanasi- the Vishwanath Temple. Aurangzeb ordered its demolition in 1669 and constructed a mosque on the site, whose minarets stand 71 metres above the Ganges. Traces of the old temple can be seen behind the mosque. Aurangzeb also destroyed the Somnath temple in 1706.

In the same way if the Hindus do not gain political power in USA, Canada and Europe, a time will come when these beautiful, artistically crafted temples will also be burnt down to ground.

Just before Adolph Hitler came to power to Germany, the Jews were also feeling very complacent. Most were very rich, and also highly educated and cultured. They were spending their time in their beautiful homes indulging in artistic and cultural pursuits. But when the Nazi regime started attacking them, they slowly started realizing that their existence was in great danger. But because they had not prepared themselves they were defenseless against a regime that had controlled the minds of the Germans with hateful propaganda against the Jews, Communists, Romas and others.

So, the solution to the immense problems facing the Hindus in India is to stop the conversion of Hindus to other religions, stop the Islamisation of India. Recently it was reported that the top police officer appointed in the state of UP in India is a Muslim. This has happened because UP is ruled by a political party that believes in appeasement of the Muslims to secure their votes. When a Muslim becomes the head of the police, Hindus cannot feel safe.

M.K. Gandhi, the socalled Mahatma, failed to realize that Islam had conquered the entire Middle East and many other lands like Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, not by engaging in debates and dialog, but by military invasions, and brute force. So, when India was partitioned in 1947, Gandhi and Nehru gave away huge swaths of lands to the Muslims but also kept them inside India. If Muslims had been ejected from India and forced to migrate to Pakistan in 1947, and then if Kashmir had been settled by Hindus, Pakistan would not have had the opportunity to ignite Islamic insurgency in Kashmir around 1990.

But even now it is not too late. The key to the salvation of the Hindus lies in turning India into a Hindu state, and stop the population growth of non-Hindus in India. The key to salvation of the Hindus in the West lies in Hindus realizing that political work is more important than building huge, artistic temples. Hindus in the West must gain political power by helping brave Hindu nationalists to become powerful members of legislative bodies, and political parties.






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