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Subject:  Christian Missionaries Against Hinduism—Courtesy: Research By Indiafacts


Although the information is already in the public domain, we wish to put this across to you from the perspective of demographic changes in India and its consequent threat potential for India.

A professor of history once explained, “History is nothing but the war between religions”. Though not fully correct, there is a lot of truth in that simple (simplistic) statement. The course of clashes between the two Abrahmic religions, Christianity and Islam, amply support this thesis.

Unfortunately, Hinduism/Hindus in India has/have been their worst victims. Hinduism does not believe in proselytisation and accepts whoever comes to it or believes in it, is always welcome. As it has been since scientifically proved, the DNA of all Indian Muslims and Christians happens to be the same.

But, India is proving to be the battle ground for both Christianity and Islam. The Muslim do it because converting a non-believer is scripturally sanctioned and it is enjoined on all Muslims to indulge in this as sacred duty, a part of jihad. They are clear about it. The ‘love jihad’, though also sanctioned by religion is an exception and is resorted to through “taqquiah”, a process of deception.

But, the methods or one can say, the methodology of conversion by the Christian missionaries are as varied as one’s imagination can go. In more than one sense, that is a highly refined or super refined method of “taqquiah”. The selection of places (mostly tribal or inaccessible areas), classes of people (illiterate and poor or facing some crisis) are one set of example. Their ingenuity in this sacred work, also enjoined by religion, is beyond emulation. Not changing names or hiding the Christian part in between the first name and the title, showing no change in name(the former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Bhaskar Reddy, a devout Christian and had done so much for Christianity, was a typical example), wearing the robes of Hindu sadhus, denigrating Hindu gods, demonstrating miraculous recovery, promising a place in the heaven (though not with virgin maidens as in Islam), showering monetary help in distress conditions or for medical treatment and what not. Those who are not familiar with the works Sitaram Goel or Ram Swaroop will perhaps do well in getting familiar with the classics in this field written by them years ago.

Channelling of funds through NGOs and even Ford Foundation, has been a routine practice. The present Holy Pope has specially mandated in 2013 that the Asian Continent, particularly India, has to be targeted in the coming years. He himself has been travelling distant places to personally brief his men. His recent visit to China has been an important landmark.

For the success rate of their efforts, one has to look into the history of the North East for the last 60-70 years only. Thanks to that famous Scottish missionary, let loose on North East by Nehru, the Baptist Church virtually ruled for some years a chunk of India, like Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, in that part of the country, forcing the Ramkrishna Mission and Arya Samaj to react that “wave”.

In today’s mail (attached), we will learn how volunteers are being trained in accomplishing their goal. The attached mail tells all about that. The major points are:


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·       Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a massive missionary organization based out of the US and now spans across continents. It has huge presence in India as well. YWAM trains young missionaries like the Bible School—for more information, see this report. They have Discipleship Training School (DTS) and offer “courses” in Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

·       India is a hot destination for missionaries. Here is the pattern these young missionaries follow: “Graduate” from a Bible School like YWAM, raise funds for travel, come to India, preach gospel and convert using deceptive techniques (both morally and legally), spread hatred that Hinduism is a false religion, express solidarity with Indian missionaries (who get funds from countries like USA), go to the USA and brag about how many accepted Christ. They then become heroes in their circle of friends and relatives.

·       Here is an investigation into the onsite-offshore model of missionary organizations. Many foreign missionary organizations have their own subsidiaries like Gospel for Asia, World Vision or YWAM. And they partner with other missionary NGOs and churches locally. Their reach, influence, network and PR management would put leading MNCs to shame. Also, World Vision works as a liaison in many government programs in India. If a foreign missionary wants to come to India and see the conversions for himself/herself, there is no dearth of Indian hosts.

·       As is the case with Christian conversions by almost every denomination, Hindu-hatred is a key factor in every such effort. Let it be said bluntly that conversions spread hate.

·       Aggression and spewing venom against Hindus, Hindu Gods and Hinduism is yet another common theme in missionary activities. The focus of this report is YWAM. The aggression shown by Joshua Miller team is not a one-off case. It is the norm. See what Jason Nettles from YWAM Orlando did last year. Here is Elisa Dawson, from YWAM Orlando, after serving a crippled person, gloating about how she converted him using a Hindu translator. To convert, you have to denounce Hinduism and “cast away other gods.”

·       Even as you read this, a lot of YWAM groups are busy raising funds for their India trips. Their hatred and fundamentalism is truly stunning. If you try to raise objections to their hatred, they cry persecution; they say their religious freedom is being violated.

·       Damning other people’s religions, traditions and spreading hatred is their definition of religious freedom. Per their declared goal, they will not rest until the whole world is converted to Christianity. Equally, they get excellent support from Indian evangelical NGOs which are in turn massively funded by foreigners. Mahesh Nathan of World Vision hosted Joshua Miller’s team and “taught” stuff. When Joshua Miller posted about the re-conversion of some tribal people to Hinduism, Mahesh Nathan says “Discipleship”.

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So, the research recommends, quite rightly: Watch this video in which the missionary gives the numbers in dollars to foreign clients. Many evangelical NGOs like Harvest India run Bible Colleges. Graduates of these Bible Colleges become pastors, church planters, and so on.


And, then the team concludes: The Fundamentalist belief that non-Christian religions are false and other traditions are false lead to nothing but hatred. These colleges work as hate-factories.


Friends, we hope you will join us in sincerely congratulating the research team of INDIAFACTS for presenting such a beautiful piece for all of us. The lesson for us is: we will have to be careful on both the fronts.



Yours sevak,


D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)


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