Opposing temple in Islamabad is self-evident postulation for CAA justification: VHP

New Delhi, July 18, 2020 – The Vishva Hindu Parishad today said that the widespread opposition to the construction of Sri Krishna temple in Islamabad, and violent hatred shown towards Hindus, are enough to explain the miserable plight and persecution of Hindus in Pakistan! VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said that when a former Pakistani judge gives the dictum that temple construction in Pakistan is un-constitutional and anti-Shariat, then evidently the chances of survival of the Hindu community in Pakistan is automatically done away with, and also this axiomatic statement of the ex-judge postulates the justification for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Bharat.

Addressing the concluding session of the meeting of North Gujarat Prant (province) in Karnavati (Ahmedabad), he said that right from 5-year-old kids to the Mullah-Maulvis, they are threatening the slaughter of Hindus if a temple is built in Pakistan. Kidnapping of Hindu girls, forced circumcision of Hindu boys and public humiliation of Hindus are regular incidents in Pakistan! Under these circumstances, where will the victims go if they do not come to Bharat for the protection of their honour, life and Dharma?

Dr. Jain asked whether those who opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) wanted to call also the Islamic oppressors to India along with the oppressed Hindus? Do they also want to call the abductor & rapists to Bharat along with the victimized daughter of the Granthi? Dr. Jain said that opposition to CAA is actually also opposition to humanity.

In this meeting of North-Gujarat Prant held at Dr. Vanikkar Bhawan, Ahmedabad, it was reported that 3,000 workers at 750 places in the Prant distributed food, masks, Kaadhaa (Ayurvedic decoction), etc., which benefited more than 1.25 lakh people. All the workers took a pledge that now VHP committees would be formed in all the blocks of North Gujarat and Raksha-Sutras would be sent to Corona warriors at all places on Rakshabandhan. The meeting was chaired by the Zonal President of VHP, Advocate Dilip Bhai. In this, office-bearers like Ashok Bhai Rawal, Raju Bhai Vasava, Gopal Bhai, Ashwin Bhai, etc., were present.

Source: World Hindu Network