Photo of the day: Dharma Drum Mountain to ring bell 108 times for Lunar New Year

Abbot will lead masters in ringing lotus bell to pray for all visitors on Lunar New Year’s Eve

Dharma Assembly in the Dharma Drum Mountain on LNY’s Eve(By Central News Agency)

Taipei (Taiwan News) — During the Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 27, the Buddhist organization Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山) will hold a Dharma Bell Ringing Assembly (撞鐘祈福法會) in Jinshan District, New Taipei City to pray for good luck in the coming Lunar New Year for all worshipers and visitors.

Dharma Drum Mountain has the world’s largest lotus bell. Starting at 9:40 p.m., the Assembly will start to ring the massive bell 108 times, which symbolizes the sweeping away of 108 kinds of worries. The 108th ring will be rung precisely at 12 a.m. on Lunar New Year’s Day, bringing good luck and happiness to Taiwan in the coming Year of the Rooster.

Source: Taiwan News