Points to understand the concept of Dharma (Dharma part 7)

hinduismParikshit was the grandson of Arjuna. He died of snake bite.
All the future generation of pandavas were fearing snakes. When traced back they found that Indraprastha was made by destroying a jungle which was dominated by the snake population.
Yudhisthira asked Krishna – we have been allotted a jungle by Dhritarashtra – What do we do?
Krishna said – set it on fire. Kingdom, cities and all developments in the world are made by destroying nature.
Some amount of destruction of nature is inevitable to live and to have some development. Krishna said please ensure it does not become greed.
As per karma, all actions have consequences. If we destroy the jungle even for the basic requirement there will be some consequence which we or our future generations have to face.
That is why pandavas future generation were fearing snakes.
I am not against latest development. At the same time the latest development in technology also destroys some nature. Those who need the latest mobile for work purpose etc please use and live comfortably. Think twice before gifting unnecessarily expensive gadgets or phones to the house wife or to the older generation who find no use of it. Only this is my concern. Let development happen. Just because there is advancement in technology why should we unnecessarily update us when it is totally not required. The younger generation makes these forced gifts to the loved ones. Please think twice before doing such things. Do you think we gain respect because we are holding an i phone or an i pad ? Show your love by enjoying your duty. This is what the elders want to see 🙂 🙂
Bhishma wanted to satisfy the want of his father, Shanthanu. Shanthanu fell in love with a fisher women. He was suffering as he was longing for her love.
Bhishma (his son) could not see his father suffering. He went to the fisher women (Satyavati) to marry his father.
Bhishma asked her to satisfy the want of her father. Inturn, she said if I have to satisfy your fathers want, you have to satisfy my want. Only my heirs will be the future king. You or your kids should not claim the kingdom.
It is the duty of the first son to rule the kingdom if he is capable. Bhishma even though he is capable, decided to forego his duty to satisfy the father’s want.
For some people this might sound sacrifice but as per Dharma foregoing the duty to satisfy others want is not accepted.
Daughter should do the duty in the husbands house. She should not leave the duty to satisfy the wants of her parents. This is not Dharma.
Satyavati’s father asked Bhishma, how will you ensure that your kids will not claim the leadership of the kingdom. He replied saying, neither I will marry nor I will have kids. I will follow celibacy. 
Following celibacy is not Dharma. It is every human beings duty to mate and have children i.e allow nature to continue.
After Bhishma there was no bloodline children in the family. The family tree was broken.
Kauravas were born because of some magic power of vyasa to make 101 kids. Pandavas were born based on the magic mantra used by Kunti.
Dhrona and Bhishma are the two people who are claimed to be the reason for the mahabharata war.
Dhrona wanted to satisfy his need through his friend. Bhishma was satisfying the want of his father by foregoing his duty.
At one point, Satyavati herself was saying Bhishma marry my DIL and give bloodline kids for the family. Bhishma refuses because he feels he has to face consequences for breaking the vow of words. Breaking vow will bring consequence. At the same time, he forgot that there will be consequence even for breaking the duty.
The consequence of breaking the duty is the mahabharata war.
Our loved ones will suffer at some point or the other because their wants are not satisfied. 
Can we leave our duty and satisfy others wants ?
We have to be wise and advice the loved ones that no one can satisfy your want. Do your duty with enjoyment ; nature will help you. Have faith.You will get when you deserve it. Have patience. There is no point in worrying or craving or questioning – why me? Just understand that there may be some karma which is the reason for the consequence. No one can do anything to change karma. Everyone has some karma or the other to face. 
Accept that this is nature. Hope that things will change when the karma is cleared. Continue with your duty ; accept it ; it is part of life.
If we see the previous birth of Shanthanu (Bhishma’s father) he was in love with an apsara and longing for it through out the life and in another life he was in love with ganga and longing for her. This longing for love has been an habitual emotion of him for many lives.
When Draupadi was mishandled, Dhrona and Bhishma was sitting quietly and wondering whether this action is as per the rules of the law or not 🙂 🙂
The both followed rules but never understood Dharma.
A person who follows Dharma will question this act and will not bother about the rules.
Draupadi asked the right question, is Yudhisthira the owner of the kingdom or his wife or his brother?
We own nothing in this world including our own body. We are just using them to live and do something back to nature. What right we have to sell the kingdom or the wife or the brothers ?
We have the right to use but we have no right to destroy. It is natures job.
Only Krishna helped Draupadi because he followed Dharma. He helped Draupadi only when she left fear and surrendered to god / nature.
A person who follow Dharma can only destroy Adharma.
A person who is not following Dharma cannot do anything even though he verywell understands it is Adharma Eg. Dhrona and Bhishma.
If we have to question the adharma actions of the world, we have to follow Dharma.
We have to do our duties we should neither satisfy our wants through others nor satisfy others wants. This is Dharma.
Duties as per Dharma :
A son should accept the profession of the father. If the father is a beggar, the son should also beg. The son should accept the situation and should see the pure love of the beggar parents.
Even a beggar gives pure love to the children. The child has some karma to be born in the situation. Nothing inferior about it. Accepting karma and respecting the parents for what they are and appreciating their love will purify him.
He need not struggle to change his situation nor worry why his father is not Anil Ambani nor go around to find people to satisfy his needs nor wait for a god father to change his life.
Accepting the situation will purify him. If he deserves nature will facilitate him to become a district collector, who can stop him.
A daughter should accept the situation of the husband. Only if the mother  accepts the situation and respects the father with his profession, the kids will respect the father.
Only if the mother follows the Dharma the father will accept her.
When both the parents accept and appreciate each other for what they are, the children will appreciate them.
Women will help the husband, son, brother or brother in law to do their duties. 
She is the Bhuma devi. She is holding the world. 
A story, Sage Bhringi was praying only to Shiva and felt Parvati was of not much use. He didn’t understand the importance of Shakti. 
He wanted to take a round around shiva. Parvati was also standing along. He asked Parvati to move and he wanted only the blessing of shiva as he is only doing all the achievements. To show him the power of Shakti – shiva took her in another half. One half shiva and one half Shakti – Ardhanarishvara. That is why in south Indian culture when the younger generation falls on the feet of the elders – both the father and mother stand together to bless. There is no achievement of the father without the mother.
Men can achieve in the world only when they understand the silent importance of Shakti and ready to take her by their side as she is part of their existence.
The Yagna – which is performed by the Dharma warrior to save the world. A man can never perform Yagna without the wife. In other words, a man cannot help in the improvement of the world unless the wife is not at his side. This is the symbolic meaning.
The younger generation is unhappy that the Dharma is not supporting women achievement 🙂 🙂 Dharma is not against women achievement, but it gives more credit to the women who make the others achieve than she achieving something herself. That’s all.
Women are not made to achieve; they are made to make others achieve 🙂 🙂 Which is better? 🙂 🙂
A person is a student or takes the fathers profession based on the situation till 25 years. From 25 to 50 years he will do the duty of creating a family tree. 50 to 75 years he will just be a facilitator for the next generation to take up the duties. He will share his experience and wisdom to make the younger generation understand the importance of duty. 75 – 100 years – Renunciation. Just living and enjoying his own company. Feeling contended and thankful to nature for having him in this world. 
What else can we ask for !!!!!!!