Popularity of ‘Vande Mataram’ and patriotism will not reduce irrespective of being opposed ! – Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay

Vande-Mataram1. Hundreds of Congress workers joining the march at Barisala in order to free India from the clutches of the British with the badge of Vande Mataram pinned on their chest.

14th April 1906, a horrible day ! On that day hundreds of Congress workers under the leadership of senior and great Congress leader Surendranath Banergee, the editor of a renowned periodical Amrut Bazar Motilal Ghosh and Arvind Ghosh had assembled with a badge of Vande Mataram pinned on their chest at Barisala now in Bangladesh for a march.

2. Surendranathji with courage and dreaming about India’s becoming sujalam, suphalam uttering the word Vande Mataram so loudly, that resounded in the sky !

All around them were guards, slaves of the British, to receive the order from their British officers. Surendranathji having dreams of our country becoming sujalam suphalam, collecting his courage gave a loud cry, Vande Mataram’ which resounded in the sky. As soon as this sound reached the ears of hundreds Congress workers, all of them also commenced the march shouting, ‘Vande Mataram’ when they were attacked by the British very brutally.

The magic of Vande Mataram spread far and wide; as a result Arvind Ghosh, without paying any heed to the British, started an English magazine by name ‘Vande Mataram’; whereas Bhagini Nivedita gave priority to Vande Mataram song during the morning prayer in the girls’ school, Nivedita. From 1906 to 1911 that is till the partition of Bengal, there was no opposition to this song from Hindu – Muslim communities. Both the communities fought with the British together and made them cancel the partition. Only after that some fanatics and selfish politicians came together and slowly there was opposition to this song.

3. Revolutionaries sacrificing their life while shouting Vande Mataram

3 A. Minor Shirish Kumur

Shirish Bal was from Nandurbar in Maharashtra. In order to obey Gandiji’s order a small army comprising small children was marching shouting slogans like Mahatma Gandhiki Jay, Vande Mataram, which were tearing the hearts of the British. When the army reached Nadurbar Chowk, the British soldiers in readiness stopped Shrish who was leading the march and their chief scolded Shirish saying if you proceed further, then we will shoot you. Without paying any heed to this scolding Shirish kumar continued to march shouting slogans loudly. That brutal officer opened the gun and shot him; but he kept on shouting Vande Mataram till his last breath.

3 B. Babu Genu

Before that a mill worker, Babu Genu gave his life coming under the carrier – vehicle carrying foreign goods shouting similar slogans. In those days which were under spell, thousands of patriots laid their lives shouting Vande Mataram and gave freedom to our country.

4. Muslim leaders respecting the song, ‘Vande Matarm’ with great honour !

This song in the novel called ‘Anandmath’ created a wave of patriotism due to which thousands attained martyrdom; therefore we got independence in 1947. The Khilaphat movement used to commence with ‘Vand Mataram’ only. At that time well-known Muslim leaders, Mahammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, Jafar Ali used to stand up to pay respect to this song. Initially Barrister Jinha too used to give respect to this song like this; but later he changed.

5. Gandhi’s thoughts about Vande Mataram

Mahatma Gandhi writes in 1905, today, millions of people gather together and sing Vande Mataram. I feel that the song Vande Mataram has attained the place as a National song. I find this song Holy and full of emotions. In 1936 Mahatma Gandhi writes, at the time of the partition of Bengal this song was very powerful and opposing sovereignty.

6. Congress President Maulana Mahammad Ali objecting Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar well-known as ‘Samrat – Monarch’ in the world of classical music to sing Vande Mataram !

Congress President Maulana Mahammad Ali trying to stop Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar, ‘Samrat’ in the world of classical music, from singing this immortal and supreme song in the Congress Convention held at Kakinad in 1923. Despite this objection he continued the song and stopped only after completing it. He did not forget to shout the slogan, Vande Mataram.
Why these fanatics object to such a song which played a very remarkable role in making the country independent ? Why are they so narrow minded ?

7. Central Minister Arjunsingh satisfying his own selfish motive in this storm created by fanatics opposing Vande Mataram !

What other shocking thing could there be like having all the facilities and keeping himself aloof from freedom struggle Central Minister Arjunsingh satisfying his own selfish motive in this storm created by fanatic Muslims opposing Vande Mataram ?  

8. Polular National Song having the 2nd rank in the world !

National Song, “Vande Mataram’ completed 133 years, yet has maintained its 2nd rank of being the popular song in the whole world. BBC in its survey of finding the popular song in connection with 155 countries on the internet, announced that the song ‘A nations once again’ of Ireland is on the 1st rank. Late Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, the composer of the song, ‘Vande Mataram’ had predicted 100 years ago that, every Indian will sing this song as Ved Mantra. The popularity of this song will never be reduced even if it is being opposed severely. This prophesy of Bankimchandra has been proved so true.

– Prof. Nanasaheb Salunkhe (Ref. Vevek Magazine, 8.10.2006)

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti