Ravishment of Hindu chastity en masse seems imminent in Bengal

Hinduism-is-not-a-ReligionIslamist molests two girl students, take their nude photos

Time is changing fast in Bengal and ostensibly the gloomy days of 1946-47 are returning yet again to ravage Hindus. While on one hand Islamists are found almost daily to pounce down on Hindus and especially Hindu girls and women, treasured (?) MPs like Tapas Pal, on the other hand, are admonishing to use rape as an instrument to inhibit political opponents. The cult of using rape as a necessary tool of action emerged in the violent days of partition in 1947 and by the efficient machinery of (then) Muslim League and its first success was the pogrom against Hindus in Noakhali, 1946. Almost seven decades have passed from that calamitous episode by now but history is yet to know the complete account of atrocious ravishments of Hindu and Sikh women, mostly in Bengal and Punjab.

Of late, the husband of a teacher involved at a child school was arrested owing to molesting two girl students of the same school along with taking their nude photographs in cell phone forcibly. This unblushing and shocking incident has taken place in the area of Govindapur under Malior-1 village panchayat within Harishchandrapur police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Malda. Once the complaint was lodged at the local police station, a team of police took Mohammed Isamil, offender as well as the teacher’s husband, into custody. Her wife and also the school teacher named Usehda Bibi fled seeing the police team, it has come to knowledge. On the word of Babin Mukherjee, IC of Harishchandrapur police station, police is investigating the incidents that led to this outrageous development. The school teacher or Usehda Bibi is being searched for also. It is to be noted, Usehda Bibi is the school teacher at local No. 305 Sishu Shiksha Kendra (child education center) while her husband or Mohammed Isamil is a grocer by profession. He is farmer and owns a farm also, at the same time. The two victims are children of two laborers.    

In accordance with local villagers, after the school ended on Saturday, Usehda Bibi asked the two little girls to go to her residence. Once they reached the home, Mohammed Isamil or the school teacher’s husband informed them that she was sleeping. Listening to this, they tried to go away. However, Mohammed Islamil asked them to wait and move to another room. Both of them were made nude and their unclothed photographs were also taken. Two girls were also warned of dreadful results if they informed anyone else of this. According to police sources, as soon as the two little girls returned home, they burst into tears. When they were asked of the reason behind, both of them narrated the whole episode to their parents and also relatives. Since Mohammed Isamil is powerful in the village and is also backed by local Islamists, their parents did not muster the courage to lodge a report to the local police station. But the two girl children remained sleepless throughout the night out of fear. Finding no other option to console their wards both fathers, laborers by profession, decided to lodge formal complaints against Mohammed Isamil in the police station.

Source: Hindu Samhati