Protest : Online retailer misusing Hindu Deities for financial gains

Devout Hindus complained about many products on that are denigrating Hindu Deities, to Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). HJS promptly sent a letter to to create awareness about the denigration of the Deities. The products are still available at following links (2 images are given here for understanding denigration) :

  1. BNE Ganesha Oil Dispenser with Lid (

  2. Panache Sky Krishna Wall Clock (
  3. Home And You Ganesha Wall Clock (
  4. Zeeshaan AUM Wall Clock (
  5. Zeeshaan The Natraj Wall Clock (
  6. Zeeshaan Gayatri Mantra Wall Clock (
  7. Smartshophar Ganesha Brass Door Knocker, Light Antique Finish (
  8. Smartshophar Brass Pull Handle Gold Silver Finish – Royal Ganesha (
  9. Handecor Ganesha Door Handle (

HJS tried to make aware that as per Dharmashastra and spiritual science, the images of Ganapati, Krishna that are being showcased in their products do no conform to either the Science of Spirituality or the Scriptures. Further, these images on everyday materials like door handles, wall clocks etc. amount to denigration and are an offense as per Indian Penal Code section 295A. 

Even after protest letter by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, we have not received any reply from or their parent company Trendsutra Platform Services Pvt Ltd and hence we are starting this protest campaign. Now we appeal all devout Hindus to protest lawfully against so that it should remove all defamatory products and also it should render unconditional apology to Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments. If does not remove these products, then all Hindus should completely boycott this website.

Devout Hindus are protesting against on following contact details :

Address : Trendsutra Platform Services Pvt Ltd
301, B Wing, Commercial Complex Kohinoor City, Kurla
Mumbai 400071
Phone : +91-022-6141-7379
Email :

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti