‘Discussions will be held with CM for prevention of smuggling of cows and cow-slaughter’

Shri. Sunil Ghanvat-HJS giving representation to Shri. Girish Mahajan

Mumbai : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) submitted a representation to Shri. Girish Mahajan, the State Minister for Water Resources and the Guardian Minister of Nandurbar, demanding to stop smuggling of cows/ cattle across the borders of 3 States Maharashtra – Madhya Praedsh – Gujarat.

The Guardian Minister realized the seriousness of the issue when he had a look at the photographs of smuggling of cows. He said, “I am going to meet the Chief Minister. I will talk to him about this matter and tell him to take action.” HJS delegation that met the Minister on the occasion comprised of Shri. Vaibhav Raut, of ‘Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti’, Nalasopara, Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, State Coordinator of HJS, Shri. Shivaji Vatkar and Shri. Satish Sonar.

One Chowk in Nandurbar has been named after Tipu Sultan, a cruel king, by changing its earlier name as ‘Rani Lakshmibai Chowk’. HJS brought to the notice of the Guardian Minister that despite his orders, the name-board of Tipu Sultan was not yet removed. He immediately called up Superintendent of Police, Nandurbar and gave instructions to remove the board immediately.

Illegal smuggling of cows (representational image) [Courtesy : Demotix.com]

It has been further stated in the representation that,

1. Transportation of cows/ cattle is taken up in Nandurbar district which is collected from different villages and brought for slaughtering. All responsible departments of the Government administration are ignoring this issue, instead of taking it seriously; therefore, cow-smuggling is in full swing on the banks of River Narmada across the borders of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. All the smuggled cattle is brought to Nandurbar where fake papers are prepared and then the animals are brutally slaughtered. Information obtained under RTI shows that malpractices are taking place in slaughter-house at Nandurbar. (If Hindutva-vadis have to give information on illegal happenings, what are police doing ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

2. Large number of cows and bulls are brought at Kavat in Gujarat and Kakrana in MP on the bank of River Narmada. They are kept in a secret place and made to starve and tortured. Then a certificate is taken from a veterinary doctor that the animals are sick and on the verge of dying so as to take them for slaughtering at Nandurbar slaughter-house.

3. The cattle is brought in 60-70 boats through River Narmada on banks in MP and Gujarat to Bhusha, Bhadal or similar places in Dhadgaon area. The animals are thrown in water while disembarking in such manner that their horns and bones get broken. Although the capacity of the boat is to carry 5-8 animals, 25-30 animals are crammed and then via Dhadgaon, they are brought to Nandurbar and Shirpur either on foot or in vehicles. 50-60 pickup vans and tempos are ready to carry the cattle. Animals are treated very cruelly.

4. All concerned guilty officers should be stringently punished.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat