Ram Temple in Ayodhya – the dignity of Hindus, Dr. Pravin Togadia


Hindu Unity Conference by VHP was organized in Chennai as a part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations.  Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP addressed the gathering.   

Addressing firmly to the audience, “Only 100 crore Hindus survive today all over the world compared to 700 crore Hindus living everywhere including the countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, Arab. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus was seen in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hindus were rich in trade, education, politics and medicine.  But today we have lost pride in the last 2000 years and were suffering from malnourishment of woman, lack of nutritious food, medicine, education etc.  Though VHP could succeed to some extent to these problems, it is also true that we could not protect ethnic cleansing of Sri Lankan Hindus, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Kashmiri Hindus.  Today there are 70000 Hindu widows in Sri Lanka”.   

“VHP resolves to bring back the lost Hindu dignity and pride.  It focuses on four aspects: to see that every Hindu family gets nutritious food; every child gets education; no Hindu woman suffers from malnourishment and every Hindu gets a good job”.  

Speaking on the service activities, “VHP is giving free education to 20 lakh children in 53000 villages.  50000 students were benefited through 157 free hostels run for boys and girls for higher education.  5000 Doctors were providing some free service in the field of medicine.  One handful of grain kept aside by millions of Hindu families feed the Hindus in hunger”.

“Hindu dignity will prevail only when Ram Mandir is constructed at Ayodhya. Cow slaughter should be banned totally in our country.  He further stated that even in Kandapuranam which is recited here in Tamilnadu, also claims that the cow should be protected”. 

Earlier Sri Ramagopalan, founder of Hindu Munnani appealed to the audience to fight against casteism and untouchability.

Sri Duraishankar, RSS Vibhag Sanghchalak highlighted on the evils of untouchability and casteism prevailing in the society.

Sri Balachander, former DGP, TN inspired on the ideology spoke on the service activities carried by VHP. 

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra