Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan against illegal noise-polluting hooters on prayer-houses

1401124105_DSC05085Thane :  On 24th May, Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan staged demonstrations outside Thane railway stationfor their demand of removal of hooters from mosques and honoring the verdict passed by Supreme Court. It was also unanimously demanded that concerned people involved in such type of offences should be punished. More than 80 devout Hindus took part in the demonstrations including Dr. Upendra Dahake, Vice-President of BJP for Kalyan city, Shri. Rakesh Hindustani of Hindu Mahasabha, Shri. Vijay Khandali, city-Minister of VHP for Thane, Shri. Motiram Gondhali, Aditya Deshmukh, Sujit Gupta of Bajarang Dal from Mumbra, Kalyan Ayyappa Samaj Sangh’s Anant kumar, Udaan Welfare Association’s Deepak Tripathi, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Thane District Coordinator, Vishwanath Kulkarni and Sanatan Sanstha’s Sou. Vaishali Kothamire etc.

Enlightening views of dignitaries

Congress-led Government responsible for not implementing Supreme Court’s order ! – Dr. Upendra Dahake, Kalyan City-Vice President, BJP

Congress-led Government is responsible for not implementing Supreme Court’s orders. On the day of Bakri Eid, Devi temple on Durgadi Fort is kept closed so as to prevent any kind of disturbance for Muslims; even bells in the temple are covered; then why is there a separate rule for Muslims? All Hindus should lodge complaints with police for taking action against illegal hooters in their areas.

Force the Government and police to implement Supreme Court ruling ! – Sujeet Gupta, Bajarang Dal

This agitation is not for limited people but it is in the interest of all citizens. It is not a religious but social issue; therefore, more and more number of people should join the agitation and force the Government and police to take action as per the ruling of Supreme Court.

Government needs to take decisions for welfare of Hindus ! – Rakesh Hindustani, Hindu Mahasabha

All Hindus came together forgetting their caste, creed, organizations etc.; therefore, pro-Hindu Government got elected in this election. The Government should, therefore, take decisions which are in the interest of Hindus and fulfill the promises made by them.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat