Request to Readers, Well-Wishers and Seekers of HJS for help

hjshdrRequest to Readers, Well-Wishers and Seekers for help !


Sincere thanks to our readers for giving spontaneous response to the ‘brackets’ published on website !

Through the medium of websites of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sanstha, our readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus are requested to extend financial assistance for buying different types of material, equipment used for ‘Dharma-karya’ and many people spontaneously and promptly help by donating such material or in the form of money; thus helping to lay foundation of Hindu Rashtra.

Sanatan Sanstha has been able to undertake various projects related to protection of nation and Dharma with the huge response received from all and sincerely thanks all readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus !       

-(Pujya) Sou. Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (26.9.2014)

 Appeal to readers and well-wishers and instructions for seekers

Join ‘Dharma-karya’ by donating or selling mini DV video camera to Sanatan ! : Sanatan Sanstha has video-recordings which will be useful for all mankind for next several years. Presently, ‘seva’ of digitalization of the matter related to such video-recordings is going on and a mini DV type of video-camera is required for that ‘seva’. At present, such cameras are not available in the market; therefore, those, who have such camera and want to donate or sell it, can contact Shri. Dinesh Shinde at Ramnathi Ashram, on contact No.- 8451006217 or on email-id – . Details like make of camera, model no., date of purchase, its bill, whether its warranty still exists or usage of the camera may also be sent. 

-(Pujya) Sou. Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (17.9.2014)

Golden opportunity to donate various materials for painting the Sanatan Ahsram !

Humble request to readers and well-wishers

The materials mentioned ahead are required to paint the interiors of the Sanatan (Goa) Ashram.

Material Quantity Approximate price
 1. Asian Premier Emulsion – White  20 lit. x16 tins (320 lit.)   80,000 
 2. Asian interior Wall Primer          20 lit. x18 tins (360 lit.)  40,000 
 3. Oil Paint – Satin White   20 lit. x7 tins (140 lit.)   40,000 
 4. Acrylic Putty  20 kg x 100 bags  = 2000 kg  22,000 
 5. Tractor Emulsion – White   10 lit. x7 tins = 70 lit   8,000 
 6. Metal Primer      4 lit. x10 tins (40 lit.)    7,000 
   Total      1,97,000 

Those readers and well-wishes wishing to render service unto Dharma, should contact Mr. Gautam Gadekar, Ramnathi Ashram on 8451006232 or on the e-mail address

– H. H. Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (8.8.2014)

Appeal to readers, well-wishers, devout Hindus about a TV channel

TV channel to be created only for spreading the activities  for protection of the Nation & Dharma

This TV channel will have a higher objective of bringing to light the attacks on Hindu Dharma, preventing attacks on Hindus by uniting them in a lawful manner, imparting Dharmashikshan (Education on Dharma) to Hindus, and motivating them to work for the welfare of the Nation and Dharma.

Therefore, this TV channel will have no place for superficial programs of entertainment and those against the interests of the Nation and Dharma.

Today, Hindu Dharma is under attack from all sides. There are only a few print and electronic media that impart Dharmashikshan and encourage Hindus towards Dharmacharan (abiding by Dharma). Most newspapers and news channels are under communist influence or are pro-Christian. Therefore, Hindus do not have any independent platform to express their views or voice their feelings against injustice. This endeavour is an attempt to provide such a platform through the medium of this unique TV channel.

Coverage and related information

1. Initially, the coverage of this TV channel will be limited to Maharashtra and Goa.
2. Fifty percent of the time will be devoted to information on the attacks taking place on the Nation and Dharma, related remedies, and the remaining time will be for Dharmashikshan.
3. Trained manpower – cameramen, journalists, anchors, editors (who are also seekers) are required.
4. Financial assistance is required.
5. If anyone has some useful information on starting of a TV channel, please send it to the address given ahead. (Please also mention the approximate finance required for such an endeavour, documentation to be done, information on coverage and distribution systems.)

Starting a TV channel is a mammoth task. However, be assured that we can accomplish it with the blessings of Saints and God !

Contact :
Address : Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandiwade, Ponda, Goa – 403401

Golden opportunity to do seva of translating Sanatan’s treasure of Divine knowledge available in Marathi language to Hindi, English and other Bharatiya (Indian) languages, as well as into some foreign languages

        Sanatan’s original and invaluable treasure of Divine knowledge is available in Marathi and to some extent in Hindi and English languages. There is an opportunity to do seva of translating this knowledge into Hindi, English as well as other Bharatiya languages, foreign languages (mainly French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish) and also to check these translations. We have to translate this invaluable knowledge (running into thousands of Holy texts) at the earliest, knowledge which has not been available elsewhere on earth so far. We have to translate it before the third world war starts in a few years; because, in the adverse times, it will not be possible to use computers due to unavailability of electricity.

        Good command over Marathi, Hindi, English, as well the language in which it is to be translated is necessary to perform this seva. Computer knowledge is also required for this seva. We can do this seva from home too.

        Please inform us about the number of  hours you can give for this seva, through the responsible seeker of your District.

Given below are other important points about this seva.
1. Availability of E-mail and internet facility and the aptitude to use them
2. Availability of a computer with MS-word, Adobe reader and related basic software
E-mail for contact :

Required – Seekers for seva with Sanatan’s English section

Sanatan Sanstha’s precious treasure of Holy texts is available in Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada and other languages. Besides the Holy texts, Sanatan Sanstha also prepares posters, banners, mailers and other publicity material in various languages for the benefit of mankind. There are seekers from all over the world participating in their translation from Marathi into these languages.

All this output requires considerable amount of translation, formatting and coordination. Presently, we require seekers for these sevas with Sanatan’s English section.

Following are the prerequisites for seekers intending to participate in these sevas :

  • Good knowledge of Marathi and English languages
  • Flair for communication in English through E-mail
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and Internet
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Corel Draw would be an added advantage

Interested seekers who can devote full-time to these sevas by staying in Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram at Goa may contact us on this E-mail address through their respective Kendra-sevaks –

Request to readers and well-wishers !

Various material required in Sanatan Sanstha’s mission to spread spirituality so also to create awareness among people towards protection of Nation and Dharma, is produced in ‘Arts Section’ at Sanatan Ashram, Goa. ‘Coral Draw’ and ‘Photoshop’ are the systems mainly used for the purpose. The seekers working in this department are not professionally qualified; therefore, they have little knowledge of subtleties in the system or how to complete the seva within short time using different methods e.g. different short keys etc.
If the seekers from this department get guidance from the experts who use this system commercially or teach such systems, they will be able to do the job in short span of time and more effectively. Those readers or well-wishers who are interested in teaching the system to the seekers from the Arts Section are requested to contact Miss Kshirsagar on 9767100689.  

Request to website readers and all Hindus

Considering the impending period of crisis, plant Ayurvedic plants !

In the impending period of crisis, it will be difficult to get medicines; but with the grace of God, we have lot of plants that can be used for medicinal purpose and if we cultivate such plants before the start of monsoon, they will grow nicely. Given below is a list of medicinal plants used for common ailments. Readers, well-wishers and all Hindus can sow such plants near their house now so that they can be used in future. The names of few plants are given in Marathi in the following list.

They are known to people; but the local person having knowledge on the subject, can be consulted in the matter. The names could differ from place to place; therefore, their ‘Sanskrit’ names are also given in brackets. In case you know any ‘Vaidya’ (Ayurvedic doctor) practicing in your area, you can seek even his help. At some places, Agricultural colleges, forest departments or local organizations working in this field, distribute such plants free of charge. You can take benefit of the same. Note: In the book published by Sanatan Sanstha titled ‘Ayurvediya Aushadhi’, more details about such medicinal plants, their characteristics and use have been given.

Important medicines

Name of the plant Sr.
Name of the plant
1. Akkalkara (Akarakarabha)  51. Nagarmotha (Mustaa)
2. Agasta  52.  Lingad /Nigadi (Nirgundi)
3. Adulsa (Vaasaa)  53. Nirmali (Katak)
4. Arjunsadada (Arjun)   54. Nivadung (Struhi)
5. Ananas  55. Nishottar (Trivrut)
6. Ashok  56.  Paripaath  
7. Asaanaa (Asan)  57.  Paarijaat ( Shephalika )
8. Alu  58.  Paashaanbheda (Ashmaghna)  
9.  Aghaadaa (Appamaarg)  59.  Pithavan (Prushniparni)  
10. Awala (Amalak)  60. Pittapaapda (Parpatak)  
11.  Ambehalad (Amragandhiharidra)  61. Pudina (Putihaa)
12. Umbar (Audumbar)  62.  Punarnava 
13. Erand   63. Balaa (Chikanaa)  
14. Kadunimba (Nimba)  64. Bahvaa/ Amaltaas (Aragvadh)
15. Kadu Padval (Patol)  65. Brahmi / Kaarivanaa (Mandukparni) 
16. Khaajkuyali ( Kapikachha)  66.  Bel (Bilva)
17.  Kawath (Kapittha)  67. Behadaa / Ghoduk (Bibheetak)
18. Koranti (Sahachar)  68. Bhaarangi / Bhaargi   
19. Kaadechirait (Kiratatikta)  69. Bhokar (Shleshmantak)
20. Karle (Kaarvellak)  70. Bhui aawalaa (Bhumyamalaki) 
21. Kaasawinda (Kaasmarda)  71. Gelphal (Madanphal)
22. Kudaa (Kutaj)  72. Mahalung (Matulung)    
23. Kush  73. Maakaa (Bhrungaraaj)
24. Uplet (Kushtha)  74. Miri
25. Korphad (Kumari)  75.  Murudsheng (Aavartani)    
26. Kaandvel / Haadsandhi /
Haadhod (Asthisandhanak)
 76. Mendi (Medika)
27. Khaira (Khadir)  77. Raktachandan 
28. Gavati chahaa / Paati chahaa   78. Raktarohdaa (Rohitak) 
29. Gulvel (Gudchi)   79. Ranudid (Maashparni)  
30. Gokharu / Saraate (Gukshurak)  80. Raanmoog (Mugdaparni)  
31. Gokarna  81. Ringani (Kantakaari) 
32. Chameli  82. Ritha (Arishtaka)  
33.  Jaai  83. Rui (Arka)  
34.  Chitrak (Agni)  84. Waakeri 
35. Jaswand (Japaa)   85. Kaaraande (Waaraahikand) 
36. Shirdodi (Jeevanti)    86. Waawadinga (Widanga) 
37. Jyeshthamadha (Yashtimadhu)  87. Waalaa / Khus (Ushir) 
38. Daalimb  88. Vekhand 
39. Dikemaali (Naadihingu)     89. Shataavari  
40. Dorli (Bruhati)     90. Unhaali ( Sharapunkhaa)  
41. Taalimkhaanaa (Kokilaakshbeej)  91. Sadaphuli 
42. Tandulja  92. Sabja 
43. Tulas  93. Salawan (Shaaliparni) 
44. Darbha     94. Shirish 
45. Dalchini (Tvak)  95. Shevagaa (Shobhaanjan) 
46. Durva  96. Shankhapushpi 
47. Danti (Jamaalgota)    97. Saatvin (Saptaparni)  
48.   Dhamasa (Dhanvayaas)  98. Saagargotaa (Lataakaranj)  
49. Naagchapha (Naagkeshar )   99. Anantmul (Saarichaa)  
50. Naagvel / Vidya che pananchi vel      100. Halad (Haridra) 
51.   Nagarmotha (Mustaa)    101. Hiradaa / Hele (Haritaki)
102. Paanphuti (Paanpoya) 
      102. Paanphuti (Paanpoya)

 Apart from the above, you can grow even more plants if you know about them.  If you have special knowledge about medicinal plants, please type it and send to Vaidyaraj Megharaj Paradkar at Goa on

Person urgently required for filming/ video-shooting and compiling !

Saint and God has made various mediums available to us for carrying out ‘samashti (collective)’ spiritual practice and now also, with His grace, another expansive mediun has been offered to us for ‘Dharmaprasar’ which is national level ‘Sudarshan’ TV channel and the local Cable channels who are telecasting serial programs on ‘Spiritual Science for God Realisation’ produced by one organisation and ‘Dharmasatsangs’ explaining the science behind religious ceremonies, produced by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

These ‘Dharmasatsangs’ are to be recorded even in languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and English along with Hindi to carry on the activity of ‘Dharmaprasar’ with more vigour. There are many types of ‘seva’ available in connection with production of ‘Dharmasatsang’ serial program. Also, ‘sevas’ related to spiritual research are also going on continuously; but due to lack of manpower, this entire task to be undertaken so as to reach to the society, has been delayed. This appeal is being made to obtain manpower.

The following are the main ‘sevas’ and ‘sevas’ connected to the main ‘sevas’ that require manpower.

Main seva

1. Video shooting / filming 

2. To compile the filmed part    

3. To prepare drafts of the matter in Hindi and other languages as mentioned above

Other connected seva

1. Typing 

2. Take care of the material

3. To check the inflow and outflow of filming material and CDs 

Persons who can undertake or are ready to learn such and similar types of sevas are urgently required. Arrangements will be made for providing necessary material to those, as per their ability, who want to learn some kind of ‘seva’. Among all the above ‘sevas’, there is mainly urgent need for persons who can compile/ edit the recorded portion of film on computer. Seekers who can come to the ashram, part-time or full-time, and take benefit of such ‘samashti seva’ or can extend help even from home e.g. compiling seva etc., may send their names, through their district-sevaks, on the following address. Seekers and readers may convey the following details while sending their names.

1. How much is the knowledge they have of computers. 

2. How much time they can devote for ‘seva’

3. In case, they have computer at home, its details

4. What other ‘sevas’, they would be interested in taking up

5. In case, they have experience of doing some ‘seva’, make a special mention of the same. 


Shri. Satyakam Kangalekar, Goa


Email :   Cell No. – 9370170704

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti