A Glimpse of Dussehra Celebrations Across India

44104870 (1)The Hindu festival Dussehra commemorates the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana, marking the victory of good over evil. Let’s take a glimpse at how the various cities across India celebrate this pious festival.

1)​ Elephants are an integral part of the Mysore Dasara Festival. Here Ajruna-led Dasara jumbos amble out of the woods at Nagapura near Mysore.

2) ​Mysore Palace is resplendent in the four-century-old Dasara celebrations.

3) ​​What’s a navratri celebration without some dance! Here the ladies are performing Sheri Garba with ‘ Ful no Garbo’ ( flower ) at Bhudarpura, Ambawadi in Ahmedabad.

4) ​The traditional Gujurati garba dance is a much anticipated feature of the nine day navratra festival. Here ladies are dressed in traditional attire and performing garba in Ahmedabad.

5) ​Last minute touches being given to the paper pulp ravan effigies on the eve of Dussehra at the Mansarovar road in Jaipur.

6) ​A young artist holds a mirror for another as they prepare for a traditional Ramleela drama, narrating the life of Hindu God Rama, to celebrate the festival of Dussehra in Allahabad.

7) ​Poeple watch artists sitting on a chariot dressed as Hindu deities Lakshman, Ram and Sita during a Dussehra festival procession that passes through the narrow alleys of Allahabad.

8) ​Devotees dressed during the pious occasions of Dussehra in Nagpur.

9) ​Members of the Bengali community in Vizag rehearse for the Dussehra Puja carnival.

10) ​Dussehra dolls seen on sale in Bangalore. This is a part of the annual dolls festival that takes place in Bangalore every year.

11) ​Artisans from Kolkata give final touches to Durga idols ahead of Dussehra near akkayyapalem in Visakhapatnam.

12) ​Aarti being offered to godess durga ahead of Dussehra in Kolkata. 

Source: The Times of India