Rohingya Muslim Refugees in Jammu Cause for Concern

jammu-and-kashmirJAMMU, INDIA, (Sputnik News): Hundreds of persecuted Rohingya Muslims migrants from Myanmar have found a new home in the Jammu region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. But the largely Hindu population of Jammu sees this as a ploy by the Muslim dominated state government to create instability in the region.

People of Jammu fear continued migration of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar may reduce them to a minority in their own homeland. Chief patron of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party and former lawmaker, Bhim Singh told Sputnik in an exclusive interview termed the migration “a big conspiracy and the state government is responsible for this. More than 23,000 Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Jammu.

Everybody in Jammu, be it Hindu or Muslim, is worried. A state level delegation recently met Federal Home Minister Rajnath Singh and expressed their concerns about the Rohingyas but didn’t get any concrete assurance.” In fact, security agencies also see Rohingya Muslims as a security threat as Jammu region is close to the Pakistan border. Rohingyas, thought to be originally from Bengal and who now mainly live in Myanmar’s Rakhine province are fleeing their homeland due to persecution. About three to four million have fled to Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Source: Hinduism Today