RSS hits are growing in numbers; Sangh gaining popularity: Manmohan Vadya

Flag_of_Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_SanghRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) is growing popular on monthly basis. More youngsters are becoming keen to join RSS. From a monthly requests of 1000 to join RSS in year 2012, in the month of August in 2014, the number jumped to 13,000. The information was revealed by Manmohan Vaidya, All India Publicity in charge of RSS while talking with media at Doraha where a five days RSS parcharak camp is going on. On Wednesday RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat came along with 32 other national leaders and the meeting will continue till Thursday night.

Vaidya said,”in year 2012, on an average, we were getting requests as 1000 per month from different persons to join RSS which increased to 2500 per month in year 2013 and in year 2014 from January 1- July end- this online request was 5000 per month while in the month of August alone- there were requests from 13,000 persons.”

Vaidya thus claimed that Sangh was gaining popularity and the National meeting which was held after six months was focusing on how to increase the membership.

Vaidya also stated that per year 1 lakh persons are coming to the RSS training camps and apart from this, they are also focusing on professionals now and they have named such units as Information technology (IT) milan.  These are going on in the  10 states with IT hubs .” till now we have 222 such IT milans and over 10,000 professionals are connected with us who attend meetings on weekends or for short duration as they are not able to devote much time because of their busy schedule.” Vaidya thus hinted that the sangh is having back up professionals as well.

When asked for comments about the NDA government, Vaidya said,”RSS worked so that a government with nationalistic interest can come into power and our mission has been accomplished. Now it is up to the government to perform. We have got the vote share increased drastically. We appeal to the masses to judiciously vote in the future too.”

When asked as what will be the stand of RSS if NDA government fails to act upon article 376 in Jammu and Kashmir, Vaidya categorically stated that the Sangh will talk about this issue after one year.

Source: The Indian Express