Attacks on Hindus from 31st August to 6th September 2014

hinduismAttacks on Hindus are on the rise despite completing 3 months by Modi Government. When is Modi Government  going to take firm steps against them ?

Attacks on Hindus !

1st September : Fanatics attacked Shri Ganesh idol during an altercations with Hindus due to a trivial issue which further led toquarrels in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

1st September : It was being announced by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on a megaphone to immerse the Ganesh idols in flowing water supporting explanation of the spiritual science (Dharmashastra) behind it, on the S.M. Joshi bridge in Pune. Police stopped the announcement on a false complaint.

2nd September : On the occasion of the engagement with actress Soha Ali, actor Kunal Khemu had tattooed Bhagvan Shankar on his right leg.

2nd September : Jalgaon city Inspector attacked Shivsainiks who had gone to lodge a complaint against the insult caused to Deities on Facebook.

2nd Septembr : It is being informed that the charity section of the Government is trying to give to developers (Builders) the possession of 10,800 sq.ft land belonging to the ancient Shri Ranganath Swami temple at Bandimet in Ramgopal Peth in Bhagyanagar (Simandhra)

3rd September : Thieves involved in transporting cows illegally fired shots at the cow-protectors (Gorakshak) who were standing to stop the vehicle carrying cows at Sikari (Agra, Uttar Pradesh). Mr. Gopeshbaba from Jarkhond Cowshed was injured in the firing.

3rd September : Shri Ganesh idols were immersed in Chopda (District Jalgaon, Maharashtra) on 2ndSeptember. However, 3 fanatics posed difficulties in the immersion process. Fanatics created fear in the minds of the devotees by pelting stones and not allowing them to play musical instruments and to shout in (Jayjaykar) Shri Ganesh’s praise.

3rd September : A warning from Saudi Arabia was given to kill Mr. Jay Bhagvan Goyal, the president of the Rashtrawadi Shivsena on 30th August on Facebook of the Hindutvawadi organization.

4th September : Shri Ganesha’s idol was broken by fanatics due to the issue of removing the loud speaker on a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad. 

5th September : In Pune, a so called environmentalist advocate tried to attack HJS activist who was explaining the science behind immersing Shri Ganesh idol in flowing water.

5th September : Unknown persons broke Hanuman’s idol in the temple of Hanuman on Gibert Hill road in Andheri (W), Mumbai. It is learnt that this act was initiated to create unrest during the Ganesh festival.

6th  September : On behalf of all the workers of Aushnik Electricity Project in Deepnagar in Bhusaval (again in Maharashtra), an idol of Shri Ganesh was established jointly; but after a one session, a non-veg feast was held before the idol. 

6th September : Police constable, Rajesh Bahadur Singh raped a student twice under a threat at Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh); he also tried to murder her by throttling her.

Fanatics’ atrocities on women !

31st August : A fanatic misguided of being a Hindu abducted a girl alluring her at Chatra, Ranchi in Jharkhand. The victim was 8 months pregnant, the police said.

1st September : A fanatic named Khalid Anwar Siddiqui, a typist in an army office pretending to be a Hindu, made friendship with a Hindu girl from Nashik of Maharashtra. Thereafter, both got married in a Hindu way. Khalid was transferred to Laxmanpuri (Lucknow) in Uttar Pradesh. When both went to Laxmanpuri, Khalid disclosed his real identity and started treating his wife brutally and forced her to get converted.

3rd September : Calling a minor girl home in a village Jevar in Bulandshahar of Uttar Pradesh, a fanatic forced her to accept Islam. When she refused to do so, he raped her along with 3 of his associates.

4th September : A minor girl studying in 10th was abducted by A. Kasim (aged 41) from West Bengal. Kasim took her first to Delhi. Then, he took her to Ajmer Sharif Durgah and forcibly converted her. Thereafter, he took her to a hotel Tamanna in Delhi and introduced the girl as his wife. He killed her there and ran away.

4th September : A fanatic doctor in Mirapur in Merath (Uttar Pradesh) abducted his neighbour, a married woman and sexually abused her for a year by locking her up. She was also forced to accept Islam. She was forced to sign many documents. Thereafter, he forcibly married her with the help of his parents in the presence of a kazi.

Is Modi Government going to do something about it ?

31st August : Arif Ejaj Majid died in a terrorist act in Iraq. The terrorist group called Ansar-ul-tauhid in Bharat has paid him homage as a martyr. 

31st August : In the rest house of Indian embassy in Kuwait, around 100 men and women having no contact with their family members, are being tortured by Arabs. They have lost their limbs and are waiting eagerly for their release. Shashikala Naik from Kudchade has given this information. She had gone to Kuwait for housework and was trapped in a fake agent’s trap. She was in serious distress due to atrocities of Arabs for months together in Kuwait.

31st August : Chief Minister Mr. Parrikar was congratulated by a Christian organisation for banning Mr. Pramod Mutalik of Sriram Sene from entering Goa, by publishing a pressnote stating that the decision was praiseworthy.

1st September : Karnataka Government has decided to give subsidised food to Haj pilgrims going to Madina through Government quota alongwith cheap travel.

1st September : It has been learnt that, 23 Pakistani citizens are missing from Uttar Pradesh (W). Police have expressed a possibility of they being associated with the ISI’s terrorist activities.

1st September : Arab TV channel Al Jajeera showed the map of Bharat in a wrong way. This channel had shown some part of Jammu-Kashmir out of Bharat’s border in its program.

1st September : Corruption is the culture of Bharat and Goa. Corruption is a culture of South-East Asia and it has come into Bharat and Goa from there only, expressed Dr. Wilfred Misquita, BJP’s spokesperson and a non-resident of Bharat. While taking to journalists after the inauguration of Five star Chicken Fast Food Centre, a foreign company at Chikhali, Vasco, Dr. Misquita had made the abovementioned statement.

2nd September : On account of the inquiries of Raqibul Hasan, the seriousness of the issue of national shooter Tara Sahdev is increasing day-by-day. In the police inquiries, he has agreed o have close relations with the Jharkhand Minister of minority Haji Hussain Ansari and Minister for urban development Suresh Paswan.

3rd September : A fanatic Mohammad Alam gave slogans “Pakistan Zindabad, Modi Murdabad” in a police station itself in Jhinjhana in Uttar Pradesh. He told the police that he was the chief secretary of Samajwadi Party. 

4th September : “To celebrate 17th September as ‘Marathwada Mukti Sangram’ Day means rubbing salt on the wounds of Muslims”. Real Razakari was Ramanand Tirth alleged All India Majlis-E-Tamire-Millat.

6th September : Muslim population in Assam has increased by 15 %. That means Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh have entered Bharat in large numbers and Muslims’ birth rate too is higher than that of Hindus, is evident. 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat