Russian MP Supports Hindus in Russia against Alexander Dworkin

Valeriy Fyodorovich Rashkin, a prominent Russian Member of Parliament

To highlight the Extremist activities of Alexander Dworkin against Hindus in Russia, Valeriy Fyodorovich Rashkin, a prominent Russian Member of Parliament, that is also known as the Russian Duma has filed an enquiry against Alexander Dworkin and sent it to the heads of Law Ministry of Russia, General Prosecutors Office, Federal Security Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Rashkin wants to put the issue forward for detailed analysis, by the other prominent figures in Russian, as well as Indian Politics, including Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi.
“Dworkin’s extremist actions against one of the world’s biggest Religions, Hinduism, should be put to an end”, said Rashkin, while speaking to journalists who gathered outside the building of the Federal Security Agency in Moscow, Russia, to discuss the recent demonstrations outside the Embassy of Russia in India and at Ram Lila Maidan, where the Effigy of Dworkin was burnt.
During his speech  Rashkin stressed on the efforts that his party (The Communist Party of Russia) had made during their reign in order to build a strong bond of Friendship with India. He also stated that Dworkin’s extremist publications and public appearances should be banned by the Federal Security officials.
“Dworkin, according to me, and many other party members is a threat to all of that. By spreading discrediting and false information about Hinduism, Dworkin wants us to lose our best friend, India,” said Rashkin.
His enquiry includes the text of the now famous Petition on ( published by Prasun Prakash, the Public Affairs Director of the Centre for Promotion of Conservation and Development of Indian Culture. An independent Investigation by a popular Russian Blogger “ Rovego ”, who writes on Live Journal (, on the Methods of Persecution by Alexander Dworkin, will also be attached to the enquiry.
Rashkin also stated the fact that only Mutual and bilateral efforts by both Countries, India and Russia, would lead to an ultimate solution of this problem. Political figures of the two friendly nations will have to sit down on the same table and solve this issue, or else Hindus will continue to face persecution at the hands of people like Alexander Dworkin.
It is worth to mention that over 1,500 people assembled in front of the Russian Embassy in New Delhi recently to register their concern for the safety of Hindus in Russia who are being hounded by Alexander Dworkin, the person who initiated the vile campaign to ban Bhagwad Gita in Russia a few years ago. He is not only once again targeting Hindus in Russia and actively spreading lies about Hinduism as a religion, but he and his people are also intimidating anyone supporting the Hindus in Russia and even threatening physical harm by sending goons to their homes.
Hindus in Russia are united and to aim carry forward this campaign with the conviction that when a country like India, having a majority population of Hindus, can safeguard Christianity and its followers, Russia can definitely offer the same to its minority Hindu population.
For further information, or to help Hindus in Russia, one can sign and share this petition with all of their friends at this URL: