Science in the most advanced stage now is closer to Vedanta than ever before – Alfred North Whitehead

Science in the most advanced stage now is closer to Vedanta than ever before. (Alfred North Whitehead)

Modern science has yet to comprehend, Vedic spiritual and physical sciences.

Rtam, Satyam, Dharmamâ (Rig Veda)- Cosmic laws of social, moral and physical order are eternal truths and following these laws (Rta) is Vedic Dharma. All human beings can discover these laws (Rta) by developing Scientific Temper.

Subject: Vedic Physical Sciences and Scientific Temper

Dear Seekers of Vedic Knowledge,

What our ancient heritage scriptures Vedas say about physical sciences, role of scientists (ashvinaus) and scientific temper, a brief note is given below.
To get a feel of Vedic physical sciences, reference to a few hymns are given.
The Sun never sets or rises and it is the earth, which rotates (Sama-Ved 121). The gravitational effect of solar system makes the earth stable (R.V.1-103-2, 1-115-4 and 5-81-2). The axle of the earth does not get rusted and the earth continues to revolve on its axle (R.V. 1-164-29). The science of Time and its subtle nature is described in (R.V.1-92-12 and 1-95-8). The need to study the properties of water, air and fire for discovering and manufacturing aircrafts, ships and other vehicles capable of moving in the firmament, land and water are mentioned in Rig Veda 1-3-1,2, 1-34-1, 1-140-1 and many other hymns. Reference to infinite number of both gross and subtle atoms and the energy principle as spirit of God in each atom is given in R.V. 5-47-2 and Sama Veda 222. Atoms and sub atomic particles are not inert and have unsuspected vitality owing to this energy principle. Physical sciences relating to agriculture, medicine, astronomy mathematics particularly algebra, toxicology etc. are described in R.V.1-71-9, 4-57-5, Sama Veda 121 and many other hymns.

In the Vedas scientists are described as men and women of absolute self-control, truthful with scientific outlook and destroyers of miseries (R.V., 1-3-4). With the help of these scientists one could travel far on the earth and also in the sky through conveyances, which run and touch the middle region (R.V. 1-3-1, 6-22-2 and 1-22-2). Such scientists from both the sexes go across to distance places quickly like the mind and electricity (R.V. 1-71-9). In this hymn aircrafts and even space ships are hinted. These ashvinaus should be well versed in Physics, agricultural sciences (R.V. 4-57-5), medical sciences (R.V. 5-74-3), astronomy (S.V. 121) and other sciences. Ashvinaus have been advised to learn thoroughly about Prakrti (divine Nature), characteristics and various qualities of water, air, fire, electricity and heat and sound energy. Other sciences mentioned are Toxicology and use of various kinds of medicines and drugs (R.V 1-191-14), science of Time (Kala vidya) that starts with dawn (Usha). R.V. 1-95-2, and 10, refers to use of time for mathematics. There is a mention of infra red rays, study of Algebra (Rekha di ganit vidya), sound as a medium of knowledge for various sciences, diseases like bile, cough, jaundice and others and their treatment etc. The relevant hymns in this regard are in Rig-Veda 1-185-2, 1-12-1, 2, 1-22-1 to 4, 1-2-3, 1-95-1, 1-101-1 and many others. 

However, the greater emphasis is on the development of Scientific Temper amongst the members of Society with a view to curb spread of blind faith, hypocrisy, miracle and ostentatious worship of God. Thus the knowledge of Vedic sciences is meant to save the human beings from falling into an utter darkness as Isa Upanishad and the last chapter of Yajur Veda caution us. The unity in diversity is the message of Vedic physical and metaphysical sciences. While matter is the cause of diversity owing to three primordial subtle particles of purity, activity and passivity present in it, the spirit (jiva) provides the necessary unity. 

To encourage scientific temper Vedas advise, âO, Man Explore further.â Kindly see for more details on Vedic Science- about Earth, Sun, Gravitation, Moon, Eclipse, telegraphy, ships, aircrafts and many other 

The Vedas combine science with metaphysics and clearly mention that it is God who is the giver of knowledge of all sciences as “Sahstra sam ” (R.V. 1-10-11). The scientists are advised to study cause and effect of all material elements and also how the objects are produced and there after utilize these properly (R.V. 5-47-3). By following these guidelines they can alleviate much suffering of the people (R.V. 5-77-4). Without the knowledge and practical application of physical sciences, it is not possible to eradicate poverty and attain prosperity (R.V. 1-34-1 to 5). 

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Vedas say in regard to scientific temper âO: Man Explore furtherâ
For more knowledge of Vedic Science as obtained from Arya Samaj Jamnagar
For movement of Earth refer to R.V 10-22-14, R.V 10-149-1 (Gravitational force of Sun), R.V 8-12-28 and 30, 1-6-5 for the power of Sun to hold the Earth and other planets, Moving planets do not collide R.V 1-164-13, Y.V 33-43, A.V 4-11-1
Rrefer to R.V 5-40-5—the earth gets scared by sudden darkness when O: Surya you are blocked by the one to whom you have gifted your own light (Moon). 
On the science of Telegraphy and aircraft and ship building refer to RV 1-119-10, RV 1-116-3,4,5 and 6, 11-134-2 and 7, 1-148- 8 
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