Shambhu Panchayati Atal Akhara makes splendid ingress

Ujjain :  The grandeur of the grand entry taken by the saints, mehants and Mahamandleshwars of Shri Shambhu Panchayati Atal Akhara Dashnam Baba Sanyasi Ramta Panch in the Simhastha Mahakumbh on Tuesday was immensely impressive. The peshwayi was witnessed by the great audience lingering on the city streets to acknowledge the magnificence of the exceptional culture.


The peshwayi procession began from Neelganga encampment after district in-charge minister Bhupendra Singh greeted Mehant Atal Peethadhishwar Swami Sukhdevanand and Mahamandleshwar Swami Maheshwaranand. Naga saints and the overseas disciples of Swami Maheshwaranand captured the attention of onlookers as they were decked with ashes and lost in the spiritual glee under the blistering sun. The city received the saints and seers with great fervour as the entire peshwayi route was stuffed with the greeting counters. Denizens showered the flower petals on the sages seeking their blessings.

The two live bands escorting the peshwayi were dissolving the melodious tunes in the ether. The procession headed towards Freeganj, Chamunda Mata, Dewasgate, Malipura, Doulatganj, Kanthal, Sathigate, Gopal Mandir, Gudri Chouraha, Kartik Chowk and concluded at Chhawni. Mehant Swami Premanand, Swami Jaykishan Giri, Swami Rudra Puri, Swami Anil Puri, Mehant Uday Giri, Swami Mohan Puri, Giriraj Puri were presided on the chariots in Peshwai.

Spectators experience spiritual essence at peshwayi of Panchayati Nirmal Akhara

Guru-Granth-SahibIn the sequence of five peshwais taken out in the Simhastha Mahakumbh on Tuesday, the one which was hosted by Shree Panchayati Nirmal Akhara was a bit different from the others. The viewers observing the peshwayi felt the divine pleasure and the spirituality of Sanatan Dharma.

The peshwayi of Shree Panchayati Nirmal Akhara began from Freeganj Gurudwara after the worship of Guru Granth Sahib and prasadi distribution. The peshwayi was escorted by the chariot of Nirmal Peethadhishwar Mehant Gyandev Singh Maharaj. Next in the sequence were Acharya Mahamandleshwar Swami Sachinanand Hari Sakshi Maharaj, Baba Kashmir Singh Dhuniwale, Thakur Dilip Singh Ludhiyana, Swami Bhaktanand Namdhari, Saint Teja Singh, Saint Bhagwant Bhajan Singh Jalandhar, Sant Baba Teerath Singh Tuliawale, Saint Gurucharan Singh, Saint Makhhan Singh Hoshiyarpur and Swami Bhaktanand Giri riding on the chariots.

In-charge minister Bhupendra Singh, MLA Mohan Yadav and BJP city president Iqbal Singh Gandhi greeted the saints offering them garlands. The peshwayi followed the route passing through Madhav Nagar, Shahid Park, Tower Chowk, Chamunda Mata, Dewasgate, Malipura, Doulatganj, Kanthal, Sathigate, Chhatri Chowk, Gopal Mandir, Danigate, Dutt Akhara and concluded at Barnagar Road Chhawni. The peshwayi was accompanied by 10 live bands striking devotional chords. Viewers on either side of the procession route were glued on their position as they were left spellbound by the magnificence of the peshwayi.

 Seers riding on the chariots were distributing fruits, chocolates and candies among the devotees. A chariot decked up by Rashtriya Kalchuri Gram was also accompanying. To witness the disciplined saints walking in the queues was bliss of the spectators. Five white stallions were dancing at the initiation of the peshwayi. The scene enticed the large number of public attending the grand peshwayi.

Source: Freepress Journal