So-called devotees use Ramkunda as a swimming pool

• Atmosphere of merriment and pleasure trip !

• Damage caused to Dharma during Simhastha !

Nasik (Maharashtra) : Devotees are coming from all over the world to have holy bath at Ramkunda during Simhastha Parva.

It is, however, observed that the young so-called devotees are using it as a swimming pool. The true devotees are therefore, inconvenienced due to such phony devotees and the local administration is totally ignoring such things. The young men are diving in Kunda as if in a swimming pool, to have bath and making lot of noise; getting self- photographed from people around them; many are taking ‘selfies’ on their cell-phones in water; playing along throwing water at each other; playing with ball in water etc.

The administrations is however, totally indifferent towards such infuriating things and the true devotees are just helplessly watching everything.

Govt. should immediately put a stop to misuse of ‘Ramkunda’ !

Violating sanctity of Ramkunda’; is condemnable.

We oppose such things. We demand that the Government should take necessary steps to maintain the sacredness of ‘Ramkunda’ and stop people from using it as swimming pool.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat