‘Strictly observe customs of sanathana dharma’

PATHANAMTHITTA: Swami Jayendrapuri of Bengaluru Kailasa Ashramam has called for strict observance of customs and practices of sanathana dharma philosophy and principles of the Vedas. Inaugurating the 105th Ayroor-Cherukolppuzha Hindu convention on the river bed of Pampa at Vidyadhiraja Nagar at Ayroor on Sunday, the Swami stressed on the need for protecting Vedic philosophy of the sanathana dharma and strict implementation of religious practices.

Though the principles and philosophy of the religion are within the reach of the people, lack of practices is posing challenges at present, he said. For the protection of the philosophy, the seer stressed on the need for holding awareness conventions among the sanathana dharma practioners. Delivering the presidential address, Swami Prajnananda Theerthapada, head of Vazhur Theerthapada Ashramam, said instead of searching for God elsewhere, people should realise the presence of God in their inner self.

“People should find divine light within them by being in close proximity with the God,” the seer said. Delivering the keynote address after presenting the Sree Vidyadhiraja Sarasana Award to R Raman Nair, who authored the biography on Chattampi Swamigal, Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said the broad acceptance of all mankind is the crux of Hinduism.

Source: New Indian Express