69th Dharma Saastha Preethi celebration concludes

Jamshedpur, Feb. 5: The 69th Dharma Saastha Preethi celebrations which started on 25th January, concluded with grand pujas, archana and abhishek to the presiding chief deities at the Temple premises, on Sunday, February 4.

The puja on Sunday started with Archana for Lord Ganesh. Later on, Sankalp was taken followed by Punyavachan. After the pujas and the archana, 16 kalash sthapana was done, followed by Mahanyasa Jap was conducted by the visiting Ved pandits. After the jap, Ekadasa Rudra Purnabhishek was performed for the three deities — Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik and Lord Dharma Saastha while chanting Rudra Namakam and Chamakam.

After the abhishek with 11 types of sacred offerings such as sandalwood oil, panchgavya, panchamrut, ghee, milk, curd, honey, sugar cane juice, fruit juice, coconut water, chandan, and vibhuti. After the abhishek, Maha Deeparadhana was shown to the deities and payas made of coconut milk was offered to the God which was later distributed to thousands of devotees who visited the temple today.

Amit Khare, IAS, Principal Secretary, Finance, Government of Jharkhand, accompanied by his wife, Nidhi Khare, IAS, Principal Secretary, Personnel, Administrative Reforms & Raj Bhasha, who visited the temple today, took the blessings and were honoured by P N Sankaran, Working President of the Temple.

While many have contributed by their selfless service for the successful organization of the 69th Saastha Preethi celebrations, notable efforts were put in by K S Jayaraman, Hony Secretary, A V SVisweswaran, Hony Treasurer, B Subramanian, Kashi Vishwanathan, S S Sharma (Raja), S Srinivasan (Cheenu), S Shiv Kumar, Joint Secretaries and A Nanda Kumar, B V Rajan, B Visweswaran, G Shankar, J Suresh, S Ramesh, M S V Siva, P Rajesh and P Vishwanathan, Committee members.

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