The History of Conspiracy against Hinduism: Dirgha Raj Prasai

Dirgha-Raj-PrasaiHindu Kingdom and Constitutional Monarchy Must be Restored in Nepal

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

Why have activities of foreign powers crossed limits in Nepal after 2006? Why is American CIA spending billions to build thousands of monasteries in northern areas of Nepal? Why are monks of such monasteries being given training in weapons? Why are Nepali people not allowed to enter such monasteries? Let us not think of how many monasteries are there between Taplejung and Darchula because it would be enough when we know the monasteries in Swayambhu, Bauddha, Jorpati and north of Arubari are all yellow-Gumbas. No one lives in these monasteries except the army members trained by CIA for Free Tibet campaign. There is a big mystery behind the construction of a huge American Embassy in Kathmandu. It is American strategy to make Nepal the base to disintegrate China in the name of Free Tibet. I don’t think there is any other objective, like CIA the European nations want to turn Nepal into a Christian nation by abolishing Hindu and Buddhist existence. They want to establish Christian Empire in the world. How has Nepal become the battleground for foreign powers? The Congress (I) President Sonia Gandhi and Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ wanted to break Nepal and capture it. The Indian Govt. and its RAW spent millions in the people’s uprising and sent its porters in Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and UCPN (Maoist) to do its job.

Now, as BJP succeeded to gain power and then Sonia Gandhi has received the retribution of what she had done. A special court in Delhi has summoned Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi among some Congress I leaders including a veteran journalist for a corruption case involving around 2 billion. The corruption cases that took place during the reign of Congress I could send Sonia Gandhi for life in imprisonment. During 2006 India had a good relation with the West as Sonia Gandhi and her aides were catholic Christians. Now in India the regime of Sonia Gandhi and RAW has ended. But we are still to understand the activities of RAW. It can trick Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a conspiracy. The RAW agents like Nepali national Amaresh Kumar Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s ghosts like Shyamsharan, KB Rajan, Jayanta Prasad, Rakesh Sood, SD Muni and leader of Congress (I), the current Indian President Pranab Mukherjee can fuel the Indian government against Nepal. If Narendra Modi led government is aware of the devils of Congress (I) and wants to maintain smooth relations with its neighbors then Nepal will not have to fear India. Then Nepal and India will maintain a smooth relation. The conspiracy of the Western countries to use India to make Nepal the base to disintegrate China and turn Nepal into a Christian nation will be foiled. BJP could become an active friend for its neighbors.

The Modi government must understand that the then RAW chief P Harmish and Nehru University’s Prof. SD Muni had created pressure on the then BJP PM Atal Bihari Bajpayee to bring Maoist leaders Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda under Indian security so as to fight the Indian Maoists. They had proposed to provide security to those Nepali Maoist leaders. Bajpayee was a friend of Nepal. As per the RAW’s strategy when the Congress (I) government came to power Nepali Maoist leaders were given training in India and made pro-Indians. Later the two Maoist leaders were turned into a tool and the so called people’s army of the Maoist party was prepared an efficient combat force. Then Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala, UML’s Madhav Nepal, who were furious with the King for they did not get PM’s post, were approached by the RAW. Then 12-point understanding was reached with the insurgent Maoists as its stakeholders. If the BJP government encourages the Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists as the previous Indian government had done during the dirty game of 12-point understanding. If not so, there will be no difference between Nepal policy of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress (I) and the BJP’s. In that case the Hindu identity of BJP party will also end. If Nepal becomes a Christian nation India will also not be saved.

If BJP does not understand the conspiracy against Nepal then China will be forced into preparing for a war against America and Europe’s Christian nations. China is cognizant of the fact that American presence in Nepal is to disintegrate China. The objective of the European nations is to conspire for Free Tibet and to establish a Christian empire. China will not remain a mute spectator to such conspiracies. To find the imperialist forces China will establish a red fortress in Nepal and concentrate all its forces here. Nepal does not desire such a dangerous future. And then, India will not be able to stop the entry of Communism in India.

China is not as weak as before. China is becoming a prosperous nation. Majority of the nations in the world sell Chinese products. In America and Europe 60% of the Chinese products are popular. Due to Chinese products 90% of industries in America have closed down. China has entered America and America has approached Africa, Arab nations and Asia with weapons so has to break those nations. The American strategy to make Nepal a base to disintegrate China will become worthless. So if America and the European nations keep a negative sentiment towards Nepal it would prove counter-productive. May they abandon such strategy in Nepal!

To rid Nepal of dangerous and establish world peace we must search for foundations for Nepal’s stability. The reinstatement of the monarchy and Hindu status in Nepal will save Nepal from dangers. These two are irreversible plan to rid Nepal of possible hazards. If monarchy and Hindu status are reinstated in Nepal the American CIA and Europe’s Christian nations will turn back and seek their own path. China will also not look to seek counter measures. From 1950-1951 to 2006 China and Nepal enjoyed cordial relations, which will continue in future. From the time of Mao, China has been viewing the monarchy of Nepal as its security base. China wants a stable Nepal. The continuation of Hindu kingdom in Nepal will rid India of possible dangers.

The King’s special authority in India’s Hindu pilgrimage sites and shrines will continue. BJP’s Hinduism in India will become an enlightening fact. Then the corruption of the famous corrupt leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist party will also vanish. The parliamentary system will instill a foundation to consolidate Nepal’s nationality, royal institution and Hindu status. After 2006 the major three parties imposed secularism and republic under pressure from foreign powers. This conspiracy to end Nepal’s existence will also end and awareness will prevail. India’s BJP government will also not fall under any conspiratorial spell against Nepal.

Nepal is a nation that has shown its identity by being the only Hindu Kingdom that protects its monarchy. But many demand only the Hindu status in Nepal. There should not be a Hindu status only that only recognizes Hindu monopoly. From the time of unification Nepal has been known as a Hindu kingdom. In a Hindu Kingdom all religions including Islamic religion are given space. Nepal’s national flag and its status as a Hindu kingdom has been a distinct identity in the world. Nepal is the central and authoritative land of Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal could be declared a Hindu and Buddhist Kingdom and made the centre of these two religions. However, the sad part is that on 24 April 2006 the parliament was reinstated by the King and on 18 May 2006 under foreign pressure the party leaders declared Nepal a secular nation. It was a serious crime.

Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world. Nepal was declared secular saying that a nation has no religion. All the Hindus were saddened by this declaration. In Europe almost all the nations are Christian nations. Will the European people support a proposal to make them secular? It is a serious crime to sow the seed of secularism to invite civil war. In Nepal Rai, Limbu, Magar, Gurung, Newar, Brahmin, Maithali, Chhetri, Bhopuri, Kami, Damai, Sarki, Abadhi among others are Hindus. Among us many are Buddhists; the Sherpa, Tamang and many Newars are the products of both Swayambhu and Pashuptinath.

Muslim, Christian and Bahai religions are imported religions in Nepal. We must all live in harmony. No one should have an objective of turning others into Christians or Muslims. During the unification campaign 54 different kingdoms were unified to form a single Kingdom of Nepal in which people of all religions lived in harmony.  This Kingdom was formed from unification of smaller Hindu kingdoms. There will be no extreme policy in Nepal as seen in some of the Muslim nations. It is the tradition of a Hindu Kingdom to honor the existence of all religions. In the absence of monarchy in Nepal, if there is Hindu nation or Hindu Kingdom, if the Western countries try to impose Christianity by attacking the Hindus what will happen to Nepal then?

So, if republic continues a Christian President may be chosen. Nepal will not find solution to its problems with the support of traitors that have come to helm after 2006. The Supreme Court, Nepal Army and other responsible state organs must understand this. Now the Nepal Army, all chief organs of the constitution, police force and the patriotic people must take action against wolf-like traitors. It is time commit ourselves to save Nepal’s existence. Otherwise there will be no Nepal tomorrow and we will face worse conditions than the Bhutanese refugees. Let us commit ourselves to the support of monarchy and Hindu Kingdom to save Nepal’s existence.


Dirgha Raj Prasai is a political and cultural analyst based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is former member of par​liamnet, Nepal. 


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